Music Review- Morgan Mills: Let’s Ride

I do enjoy country music. Songs like Eric Church’s Like Jesus Does and The Band Perry’s Done are incredible. Morgan Mills is a country and western singer who has an incredible voice. Previously, I review her song Dance In The Rain!  She does a great job mixing the old school with a dash of the modern sound. Today, I’m reviewing her song Let’s Ride! It is one fantastic ballad about love. It also features country singer Colt Ford.

The song starts out as a ballad before moving into a passionate love songs. It somewhat lacks in excitement, but it none the less a great song to have handy to listen to. Colt Ford’s voice blends perfectly with Morgan Mills. I do wish she would make a music video or at least a lyric video to go along with it. That seems to be the only thing that is missing from it. Other than that, it a great country music song that you will enjoy.

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