Top 10 Comic Book Films We’re Glad Never Happened

Movies have been developed from some great comic book resources, especially Marvel and DC Comics. Superhero creators like Stan Lee and Bob Kane have had their characters shown in films like X-Men: Days Of Future Past and The Dark Knight (respectively). There have been some pretty terrible ones as well. Movies like Ang Lee’s Hulk and Catwoman starring Halle Berry are films we comic book fans would rather forget. Did you know that there are several other terrible comic book based films that almost got produced? Here’s my list of Top 10 Comic Book Films We’re Glad Never Happened.

10. Dazzler- While it’s true that Alison Blaire, better known as the X-Men member Dazzler is a pretty cool character, there’s no way she could held her own film. However, in the 1980s, she almost ruined the X-Men franchise by being featured in a solo film played by Bo Derek. Bo is talented, but this film would have been as remembered as the Captain America film from the 80s.

09. Plastic Man- The Wachowskis, responsible for giving us The Matrix, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas almost gave us a film based on the criminal turned Justice League member Plastic Man, who can stretch out his body like Mr. Fantastic. He is far less interesting than Elongated Man who is a detective. This would have been a flop.

08. X-Men Origins: Magneto– Magneto almost got his own spin-off movie the same vein as Wolverine. However, it never came to be from lack of interest. Most of the plot was used in X-Men First Class anyway, but I honestly do not think a standalone villain film would have worked for someone like the Professor X’s nemesis.

07. Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax–  After the character was infused with new popularity following his appearances on Smallville, DC Comics wanted to bring Green Arrow to life in a feature film. It would have shown his identity being compromised and being sent to the famed Supermax. During a riot, the Justice League member plots an escape. It sounds like a rip off other plots.

06. Elektra: Assassin– Frank Miller’s comic book was almost the first to feature the assassin before Jennifer Gardner played her. It would have followed Frank Miller’s miniseries and been extremely gory in his classic style. Oliver Stone would have directed it and Gabrielle Reece would have played Elektra. I doubt it would have been a good transition as Frank Miller’s work is hard to translate onto film.

05. Lobo– DC Comics always overestimates the popularity of some of its characters. This includes Lobo, the cigar smoking, motorcycle riding alien bounty hunter. Yet, the film almost happened in 2009. This would have been a horrible disaster of epic proportions.

04. The 80s Dr. Strange– Bob Gale, who helped write Back To The Future, wanted to bring the Sorcerer Supreme to the big screen as a supernatural comedy. Fortunately, this movie never happened. It would have been a terrible and uninteresting mockery.

03. Superman Flyby- This story would have focused on Jor-El taking a visit to Earth and spending time with the Kents before sending the infant Superman there. It was meant to be a reboot from producer JJ Abrams and Brett Ratner. The script is as bad as it sounds and it exists on the internet as an urban legend.

02. Fantastic Four (2003)- Peyton Reed is the guy who Ant-Man cool again. He almost made another Fantastic Four film a comedy. While Ant-Man worked as a comedy, Marvel’s first family has been through enough trauma with horrible films to make it work.

01. Batman Year One– Darren Aronofsky, the guy who plagiarized the story of Noah from the Bible, almost ruin Batman. He was going to steal the title from Frank Miller’s brilliant Batman Year One and ruin it by removing hit supporting cast like Alfred and James Gordon. Fortunately, that did not happen.

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