#amreading- The Octopus Deception by Daniel Estulin

I really enjoy thrillers. The last one I read was Rage by Jonathan Kellerman. Today, I wanted to share my enjoyment the political thriller The Octopus Deception by Daniel Estulin.

Billions of dollars that the United States has as collateral vanishes overnight thanks to a black hat hacker. A shadow organization within the American government is hiding it. When a reporter catches on to the scandal, he is murdered. This sends his sister, scholar Simone Casoloro and her ex-boyfriend Michael Asbury are looking for answers. As the world begins to collapse, everyone is searching for the missing money.

This is a great read. The characters are very real and you can connect with them. While it definitely relies on several conspiracy theories about the world, it is none the less an imaginative work in the world of political thrillers.

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