Another 9 Films Snubbed At The Oscars


The Hollywood industry and the Academy are known being a good ol’ boys club. They give nods to their buddies and if one director, producer, or actor goes off the ranch, their films barely get any notice. The same goes for messages in films. If the message does not line-up with the liberal agenda, Hollywood sometimes pretends the movie does not even exist. Of course, it is not just Hollywood’s fault, some of that goes to critics who give harsh reviews to amazing films that don’t meet their ideology, and give good reviews to bad films, but meet up with their ideals. 

I previously published a lit of 14 films snubbed by the Oscars. Here is another 9 that got only a nod, won a meaningless award, or was ignored all together. 

Once Upon A Time In The West– Sergio Leone is known for his Westerns, but this one featured an all-star cast and told a “closer to reality” history of the American West. It even featured Henry Fonda brilliantly in an out-of-character role as a villain. Yet, while well-received, it did not get the recognition it deserved at the time. Now, however, it is considered one of the best films ever made. 

That Thing You Do– Tom Hanks directed, wrote, and starred in this film about a fictional rock band, The Wonders, in the Beatles era. Despite being well-received by audiences and, shockingly, the critics, there were no Academy Awards for this timeless tell of a band that became a one-hit wonder. 

The Secret of NIMH– Animated movies rarely get their notice at any award shows, but this one about a brave female mouse who allies with the Rat of NIMH to save her family was one of the most well-received features. Despite winning Best Animated Film at the Saturn Awards, there were no Oscars for this classic. 

How To Steal A Million– Audrey Hepburn stole the show in this comedy classic directed by William Wyler. Despite praise for its writing, acting, and gags, this film was only nominated for a single award from the WGA. Yes, even amazing actresses like Audrey Hepburn get ignored every once and awhile. 

Star Trek First Contact– Let’s be honest. Star Trek films do not have the best record when it comes to films, however, the second film to be spun-off from Star Trek Next Generation deserved something. It got a single nomination at the Academy Awards: Best Make-up. It lost to The Nutty Professor. Seriously?

The Sixth Sense– M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece of suspense and epic thrills merely got a nod to its existence. Despite great performances by Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment and amazing story, the film got several nominations, but did not take home any wins. 

Diary of a Mad Black Woman– Think liberals aren’t racist? Yeah right. The critics and their buddies at the Academy called Tyler Perry’s film adaption of his hit play everything shy of bull malarky. Despite its mass appeal, gritty humor, and excellent storytelling, this film has seen nothing but contempt from the Hollywood elite. 

Red Dawn– Shunned director John Milius made this 1984 film about the Soviets invading the United States and a group of teenaged rebels fighting back. Because of its anti-Socialist slants, it outrage the Hollywood liberals. They ignored it completely despite its patriotic and storytelling appeal. 

Elf– The 2003 Christmas Comedy was enjoyed by audiences and critics (again, shockingly). However, star Will Ferrell, director Jon Favreau, or writer David Berenbaum did not get any recognition from the Academy. It did not even get a single nomination. Will Ferrell’s more foulmouthed comedies get awarded, but this one, not a chance. 

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