Live Tweeting The #GOPdebate on Fox Business News: Round 2


If all goes according to plan, today, I will be live tweeting during the GOP Presidential Debate on Fox Business News. I will attempt to live tweet during both, but if not, the main one for sure barring any sudden bans on live streaming. 

It is going to be exciting! Donald Trump is still in the lead, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are gaining on him. Dr. Ben Carson is loosing steam, but still hanging on. New Jersey Governor Christ Christie and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are trying to get a defining moment. Ohio Governor John Kasich is somehow there too.

I have to admit, I am disappointing that Fox has sent Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to the Undercard Debate. I think it is just an attempt to further eliminate players from the field. It is the same nonsence the other networks pull. Senator Paul has vowed not to participate unless he is included. I do not blame him.

As for the Undercard debate, we’ll see Carly Fiorina try to make a comeback similar to Chris Christie. Former Governor Mike Huckabee is still trying to get restored to the mainstage and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is not giving up. 

Both promise to be an exciting event as they face -off against each other. Will another frontrunner emerge or will it be the same as always? Check it out on the Fox Business Network and my live tweets.

Follow me on Twitter: @lonestarjake88 or you can watch my Twitter feed on my blog’s side-menu. I hope you enjoy!

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