The Independent Journal Review is sponsoring a Republican presidential debate with ABC ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Conservative columnist Mary Katherine Ham of Hot Air will be a panelist in that debate.

I stated in a previous article how unhappy I was that the Republican National Committee is going back on its promise to allow Conservative media to be involved with the nomination promise. I am sure that if asked, they would point to the infighting within Conservative media about who should be the GOP candidate. 

I suppose I should be happy. The Independent Journal Review is a great Conservative outlet and Mary Katherine Ham is an intelligent commentator and columnist. Likewise, Hugh Hewitt did a fantastic job representing Salem Communications at previous GOP Debates. No one can deny that. 

Despite this, I am still upset that the RNC and in particular Chairman Reince Priebus (who I heard make the promise) is throwing out the equivalent of bird seed when a steak was offered and ordered. IJ Review will do an amazing job with their time, I have no doubt, but I want to see other Conservative news media also have a role in the nominating process. 

The Blaze, Newsmax, Breitbart, Townhall, The Daily Wire, WorldNetDaily, The Daily Caller, The Weekly Standard, National Review, all should have been involved this time around. It is 2016, and while Breitbart, National Review, and even The Blaze have been playing favorites, what they say is good for Conservatives. It helps us stay informed. 

Perhaps that it is the problem. New media is good for Conservatives and Libertarians, but for Establishment Republicans, it is a thorn in their side. Again, I want to say that Conservative Libertarians like me are getting frustrated with the establishment. We defeated the RINOs and the establishment with the Tea Party, we defeated former Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Senator Lindsey Graham for the GOP nomination. We will continue to win with our votes and our support. 

Now we learn that ABC is not allowing former CEO Carly Fiorina participate in the debate. This is outrageous! I checked several news website including Conservative media, but very few are running the story. Despite finishing ahead in sixth and pulling ahead in New Hampshire polls, Mrs. Fiorina is being excluded. If the RNC does not step up, that just shows their disregard for the GOP debates. Mrs. Fiorina deserves to be on that stage hopefully ABC will cave.

The New Hampshire primary debate will be held on February 6th, 2016, and yes, I will be live tweeting the event!

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This article was updated with new information. 

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