#GOPDebate- Fun on Campus and Post CNN-Telemundo Debate Analysis

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My wife and I headed for Houston, Texas so we could witness the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN, Telemundo, and Salem Communications live. It was one interesting debate. Being there in person was very different than watching from afar and though I had to watch it at the University of Houston’s student watch party, it was still a really good experience.

CNN Pre-Debate Panel

CNN Pre-Debate Panel

CNN News Tent

CNN News Tent








We arrived at the campus a few hours before and got to see the CNN Pre-Debate panel discuss the issues and then guess what? I was live on Telemundo! Well, not as an analysis, but as a spectator.


Telemundo Panel was live

We met a group of very nice Ted Cruz supporters holding up their signs and also signs provided by the Media Research Center that said, “Don’t believe the liberal media” in English and Spanish. I got one as a souvenir.

GOP Debate 20160225_163316.jpg

As my wife and I were waiting in line, we saw anti-Trump protesters. There was probably about fifty people marching. It was not a significant showing, but their chants were about as asinine as their signs.

GOP Debate 20160225_180104.jpg

Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the main debate with the hosts claiming to was full. We headed to UH watch party in the student center where the staff was friendly and cordial. Turns out, the UH has a food court so we were able to get some Panda Express. Next we found a spot and joined the students. It seemed like all five candidates had supporters, though Trump had the least in the crowd.

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After watching the pre-debate analysis it was time for the debate to start. Finally, all five, businessman Donald Trump, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz took the stage as Super Tuesday looms ahead.


Rubio and Cruz tag teamed against Trump and put him on the defensive. They attacked him on Trump University scandal, his liberal credentials, his refusal to release his back taxes, among other things. While I’m not sure if the attacks will stick since CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer kept bailing Trump out by changing the subject, they definitely knocked him off his game. He played defense the whole debate and even took some shots at radio host Hugh Hewitt and Telemundo in the process.

John Kasich got a few cheers at UH. However, I noticed it was the “Clinton section” cheering for him. He is definitely the Democrats’ favorite Republican. I cannot say for sure that it is a good thing. Kasich’s one good point about hospital bills and transparency.

Dr. Carson was almost completely ignored by CNN and Telemundo and he rightly complained. I’m not in the crowd that think he should step out. If he wants to stay in, let him stay in. If he has support, let him be on stage. He gave good and concise answers, though I do not think it his time, he showed intelligence and the moderators should be ashamed for treating him like a second class citizen.

Now once I referenced this above, but CNN and Telemundo asked very slanted questions of Cruz and Rubio. Telemundo even got testy with Trump when he said that he does not believe anything Telemundo says. However, CNN seemed to bail Trump out and give him extended time to counter attacks. However, when Cruz was attacked for the disproved bank scandal, CNN went to someone else and refused to give him a chance to respond.

This is why we needed The Blaze to host this debate. It would have been interesting and engaging!

While none of them came off particularly presidential this time, Cruz and Rubio definitely tied for being the winners. They stayed on point, hit the issues, and channeled their Conservatism. Both stood out above the crowd and succeeded in weakening Trump.

It was a great debate and I looked forward to seeing what Super Tuesday brings. Check out more pictures in the gallery below and be sure to subscribe.

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