Final #GOPDebate on CNN For 2016 Analysis

final CNN GOPDEbate 2016

The final Republican Presidential CNN Debate was held at the University of Miami where the remaining four candidates: Ohio Governor John Kasich, Businessman Donald Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz squared off against one another.

Jake Tapper actually did a good job as moderator, despite his one moment where he pandered to the failed policy of Common Core. He stayed on topic and did not rescue Trump like his colleague Wolf Blitzer did at the last CNN Debate. CNN political correspondent Dana Bash did ask a few liberal slanted questions on a few topics, again on Common Core, but I will give her credit, they were few and far between. Most of her questions were relative to the conversation. I would also like to give credit to Washington Times contributor Stephen Dinan and Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt who also asked the candidates tough, but fair questions on policy.

As far as the candidates go, the debate was civil, unlike the last few. Trump avoided personal attacks and Cruz and Rubio did not tag-team the GOP frontrunner, but instead focused on their difference in stances. Each, including Kasich, had a shining moment.

Trump’s came when discussing education. While I disagree with his policies, he articulated the problems within the education system well and even made his ideas sound good.

Kasich’s moment came when he was discussing veteran treatment. He really brought it home and even had me, definitely not a Kasich fan, wanting to applaud.

Rubio hit a home run when discussing his policy toward Cuba, in particular the pre conditions he would put on the Communists dictators, like turning over criminals hiding from American justice, before considering lifting the embargo.

Cruz’s shining moment came when he was discussing America’s relationship with Israel. He denounced the idea of moral relativism that Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama have made in relation to our best ally in the Middle East and spoke of returning us to a friendship with the nation.

Bottom line, I would have to say that Cruz won the debate with Rubio and Trump tied for second and Kasich last. I honestly think that Kasich needs to get out of the race. If he and Rubio want to hang on until their home states, so be it, but then they need to end their presidential campaigns so a clear frontrunner came rise.

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