Worship Album Review- Bethel Music’s Have It All

Bethel Music Have It All

What to say? Bethel Music has given us some great worship albums. From both instrumental albums Without Words and Without Words Synesthesia, to The Undoing and You Make Me Brave, it’s been one anointed album after another. Their dedication to inviting Holy Spirit into their work is amazing. 

All the songs are dedicated to worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They talk about surrendering to Him and giving our lives fully to Him. The title track Have It All has a music video where it shows an artist making a heart, the one featured on the album cover. It is truly beautiful. Featuring Brian and Jenn Johnson, Paul and Hannah McClure, Stephanie Gretzinger, William Matthews, Jeremy Riddle, and so many more, this is one unforgettable album. 

Check it out at their official website by clicking on the picture above and be sure to subscribe for more music reviews like this one. 

In full disclosure, I attended Bethel Church in Redding, California where Bethel Music was headquartered. 


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