Great Sci-Fi Read- Under Fire Book 1: Into the Fire

Into the fire kim vandel

Under Fire Book 1: Into the Fire by novelist Kim Vandel is a great Christian alternative to some of the supernatural junk that is being pushed around by Young Adult enthusiasts. 

Kate was just an ordinary college student until a strange fire emblem appeared on her wrist. She meets a man named Nathan, who tells her that is one of the Guardians. The Guardians are people who have God-given superpowers and that they are here to protect humanity from The Fallen. 

This is a lot for Kate to take in. She is dealing with family troubles, college, and her annoying older brother. Though she befriends some of her fellow Guardians, their field leader Hassan seems to have it in for Kate. To make things worse, a former Guardian turned Fallen leader Eden is loose is Kate’s hometown. Does she give in to fear and reject her calling or will she move forward with the call God has placed on her life. 

Into the Fire is a great read. If you are looking for a fantasy/sci-fi/superhero novel for your kids. This is a great one. While the drama was not fun for me, I did enjoy the action and suspense of the story. Find it on Amazon or on Kim Vandel’s website

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