Movie Review Flashback- Monsters University

Monsters University

Remember Disney-Pixar film, Monsters, Inc? It captured our hearts and imaginations. Now, we get a prequel where we get to see how it started for our favorite monsters Mike and Sulley. 

Michael “Mike” Wazowski has dreamed of going to Monsters University since he was a kid. When he arrives, he meets privileged student James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. They do not hit it off right away and their competition earns the ire of the Scare Program Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, who holds the scare record. They are kicked out of the scare program, but then begrudgingly join the Oozma Kappa fraternity in the hopes of winning the Scare Games, so they can get back into the program. After several mishaps, the two former rival begin to develop a friendship as they scare their way to the top.  

There are two camps. Both enjoyed it, but the first group found it lacking the charm of the first film and thus inferior. The second group thought that, while it did not surpass its predecessor, it at least matched it. I am in the second group. Director Dan Scanlon does a good job of telling the story in a way that makes you smile and laugh all the way through. 

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  • Billy Crystal as Michael “Mike” Wazowski
    • Noah Johnston as Young Mike
  • John Goodman as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan
  • Steve Buscemi as Randall “Randy” Boggs
  • Helen Mirren as Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, the chair of the Scarer program at Monsters University
  • Peter Sohn as Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member
  • Joel Murray as Don Carlton, a middle-aged returning student and the founding member of Oozma Kappa fraternity
  • Sean Hayes as Terri Perry, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member who shares his brother’s body.
  • Dave Foley as Terry Perry, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member
  • Charlie Day as Art, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member
  • Alfred Molina as Professor Derek Knight
  • Tyler Labine as Brock Pearson, Greek Council vice-president
  • Nathan Fillion as Johnny J. Worthington III, president of Roar Omega Roar
  • Aubrey Plaza as Claire Wheeler, Greek Council president
  • Bobby Moynihan as Chet Alexander, a Roar Omega Roar fraternity member
  • Julia Sweeney as Sherri Squibbles, Scott’s mother
  • Bonnie Hunt as Ms. Karen Graves, Mike’s grade school teacher
  • John Krasinski as “Frightening” Frank McCay
  • Bill Hader as Referee, Slug
  • Beth Behrs as Carrie Williams, leader of Python Nu Kappa sorority
  • Bob Peterson as Roz
  • John Ratzenberger as The Yeti, a Monsters, Inc. mailroom employee

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