Movie Review- A Matter of Faith

a matter of faith movie

Brought to us by 5&2 Pictures and directed by Rich Christiano, A Matter of Faith is the latest in a series of films about how the Christian faith has come under fire. 

When Christian girl Rachel Whitaker goes to college to study biology, she finds that her faith is challenged by well loved Professor Kaman, a devout atheist. Her father notices some changes in her life and he goes to confront Prof. Kaman, much to Rachel’s embarrassment.  

Kaman then challenges Mr. Whitaker to a debate. The challenge is accepted and Mr. Whitaker is support by almost everyone, except for Rachel. She is pulling away from God and finds that Prof. Kaman’s ideas are drawing her deeper in. 

This film had a TV movie feel. Some of the acting seemed forced, but not bad. Rachel’s move away from her faith was not very well defined. While it is true she starts dating a guy who is obviously not a Christian and begins to question what she believes about creation, it still seemed more tentative than an outright fall. I am not saying it needed it, just that the influence should have gone deeper. Other than that, it is a well made movie and it was great to see Clarence Gilyard, who starred with Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger, back in the acting world. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild Thematic Elements

FAVORITE QUOTE: A Christian is never out of the game. 


  • Harry Anderson as Professor Kaman
  • Jordan Trovillion as Rachel Whitaker
  • Jay Pickett as Stephen Whitaker
  • Clarence Gilyard as Professor Portland
  • Chandler Macocha as Evan Carlson
  • Justin Brandt as Jason
  • Barrett Carnahan as Tyler Mathis
  • Stephanie Shemanski as Ally
  • Sarab Kamoo as Kimberly Whitaker
  • Scott Alan Smith as Phil Jamison

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