#BlazeDebate- Another Broken GOP Promise

Blaze Debate

I remember watching CPAC 2015. It was a great time when Conservatives held onto their principles and did not make excuses for Establishment Republicans, but actually supported true Conservative candidates. 

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stood up and gave a very epic speech that got excitement from the crowd. In the speech, he promised that Conservative media would play a part in the 2016 election and that the “Candy Crowleys (a reference to Mrs. Crowley arguing with Mitt Romney at a 2012 debate)” of the mainstream media would not be allowed to dictate the debates. 

Now, I know what you are going to say. “Hey, man, they disinvited NBC from a debate after the hostility from CNBC. They let the Independent Journal Review join in on a debate. They let Mary Katherine Ham and Hugh Hewitt appear and ask questions.” So what? That was not the promise. Don’t believe me? Watch the Reince Priebus’ CPAC 2015 speech on the American Conservative Union’s YouTube channel. 

However, when NBC was disinvited, The Blaze graciously offered to step up. Many candidates including, so-called frontrunner Donald Trump, were on board. However, instead CNN was chosen. What did we get from that? No, not Candy Crowley, instead we had Wolf Blitzer. He asked Donald Trump four questions in a row and anytime Trump was attacked, the conversation would pivot. Real Conservatives like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were overshadowed by Mr. Trump.

The Blaze Debate would have been a fantastic thing to see. Glenn Beck and his team would have done an excellent job. I could see Beck moderating, Dana Loesch talking about social issues, and Buck Sexton on national security, now that would be a great debate.

Likewise, where was Townhall, RedState, Conservative Review, NewsMax, and National Review? Oh yeah, National Review got disinvited because they published article that were not for Trump. I know that the timing was bad, but CNN, NBC, ABC, (not Fox News) and a whole host of other mainstream media have gone after Trump. Why is there a double standard for Conservative media? 

The RNC could have handled this debate schedule better. It was disastrous and was not what we were promised. Okay, they promised Salem Communications and we got that, but where was the rest? Now, Trump is too cowardly to debate Ted Cruz and we are hanging in limbo.

Thank you, GOP. 

That is my opinion and I welcome yours. Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more political articles like this one. 

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