#earthday 2016- The World’s Biggest Hoax

Earth Day 2016

The very first Earth Day was celebrated was hosted on April 22, 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It had many influences including propaganda books Silent Spring by Rachel Carlson and The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich. The former ended the use of DDT, a pesticide that killed insects carrying malaria. Though showing no scientific evidence, she theorized that DDT caused breast cancer. As a result of her theory, millions have died of malaria among other diseases. The latter suggested forced sterilization and even called couples that have three natural born kids “garbage collectors” and humanity a “cancer.” Yes, what a great way to start Earth Day. 

Wait, it only gets better. 

One of the founders of Earth Day is Ira Einhorn. Ever hear of him? Probably not. Many environmentalists pretend he does not exist. He had made a name for himself as an ecological groupie and activist prior to the fake holiday. Ira was known as “Unicorn” to his friends. He was all about flower power, free love, peace, and everything in between. 

Though he helped form Earth Day and even organized the first event, which even US Presidents celebrates, this man was a cold blooded murderer. His ex-girlfriend Holly Maddux disappeared six years after the first Earth Day and was found a year and a half later mummified in a trunk in his closet. He had brutality killed her and left her body to rot.

He fled justice for twenty-three years, but was finally captured and extradited to the United States. Following a month long trial, he is serving a life sentence without parole. His new nickname is the “Unicorn Killer.”

Happy Earth Day!

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