#ChooseCruz – Ted Cruz Taps Carly Fiorina For VP Spot


At a rally in Indianapolis, Indiana Texas Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz announced who his running mate would be should he receive the Republican Party presidential nomination. That person is former HP CEO, California candidate for Senate and former GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina.

He acknowledged that it the timing was unusual, but added that her nomination as VP would be a uniting factor in the GOP. He praised her grace, her resolve, and her standing on issues saying she is ready to also be President should the time be needed. He continued, saying Mrs. Fiorina gives the American people a clear choice and contrast to both GOP rival Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. 

“This ticket is about the future,” Senator Cruz said.

After arriving on stage, Carly Fiorina said, “I am proud and humbled and honored to accept his offer to be the Republican nominee for Vice President.”

She was welcomed on stage with much enthusiasm at the event and many chanted her name as she approached the podium.

Carly spoke on Trump and Clinton saying that they will not challenge the system because they are both part of the system.  

She then elaborated on challenging the “festering problems” in Washington, DC. She said you have to fight the status quo and that she is proud of the enemies Ted Cruz has made. After telling some personal stories about the campaign trail, she said that Cruz is who he says he is and that he has good character. 

Carly then shifted speaking on American ingenuity, praising the Founding Fathers, Conservatives principles, US history, and the Constitution saying it is a document that protects the American people from concentrated government power and give liberty back to the people, the states, and small businesses. 

She said she is all in with Ted Cruz to defeat Trump, Clinton, and called on Republicans to stand up and join the fight to win back the soul of the GOP and take America back. 

“I will stand proudly by his side,” she said before welcoming Ted Cruz back on the stage. 

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