Top 11 New Spider-Man Movie Villains

01 Spider-Man

Now that Disney and Sony Pictures have finally reached a deal, Spider-Man is finding a new film home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first appearing in Captain America: Civil War, but later in Spider-Man Homecoming. With all of this discussion, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and discuss the Top 11 Spidey’s villains I would like to see in the movies.

The Shocker- Now, he is a lesser known villain and often is the butt of many jokes, but Herman Schlutz was at one time a tough enemy of Spidey. 

Molten Man- Mark Raxton was one of Spider-Man’s worst enemies, but he later turned good and became an ally.

Tombstone- Lonnie Thompson Lincoln is a deadly gangster who is strong enough to fight Spidey. 

Mysterio- Quentin Beck is a master at special effects and illusions. He has challenged the web slinger on many occasions. 

Carnage- Cletus Kassidy was a murderer at a young age. He became even worse when he merged with the Venom symbiote offspring. He would make a great adversary.  

Kraven the Hunter- Watching Kraven stalk and hunt Spider-Man would be one of the coolest things on the big screen.

The Chameleon- Dmitri Anatoly Nikolayevich is a spy for hire that has worked with some of Spidey’s worst enemies. 

Lizard- Dr. Curt Connors would have become a villain had Spider-Man 3 not failed. So, how about in the MCU?

Scorpion- Mac Gargan became one of Spidey’s worst enemies. He later became the third Venom. 

Hobgoblin- Jason Macendale was just one to take the mask, but he was definitely one of the deadliest. 

Spencer Smythe- His spider slayers would be a great battle on screen. He had a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but his villain side never came out. 

That is my list of Spider-Man villains I would like to see in the MCU. Do you have any of your own? Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 

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