#NeverTrump – What Is Next?

Photo courtesy of ConservativesBabes. Follow them on Instagram @ConservativeBabes.

Photo courtesy of ConservativesBabes. Follow them on Instagram @ConservativeBabes.

After a hard fought battle, Ted Cruz stepped out of the Republican race for the presidential nomination this Tuesday after Donald Trump defeated him handily in the Indiana GOP Primary. 

Trump’s supporters on Fox News and his so-called “christian” base immediately celebrated his victory as Reince Priebus tweeted out that the business magnate is the presumptive nominee. He is however, still a few shy of the magic 1,237 number.

Where does that leave the Never Trump movement? It depends on who you ask. Many have said that will give into the GOP demands and will support Trump. To them, “never” really just meant “against at one point.” Using the excuse that a vote against the GOP frontrunner in the general election is a vote for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who also lost in Indiana to her only rival, socialist Bernie Sanders. 

Conservative Daniel Horowitz, writing for the Conservative Review, made a call to continue “acting as a third party within the Republican Party.” 

That is a nice sentiment, but is it too little too late? 

Grassroots Conservatives have tried to act as a Third Party ever since the Tea Party movement began. That is how Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Trey Gowdy, Mia Love, and even Libertarian types like Rand Paul got elected in the first place. Now we are seeing the brainchild of the Republican establishment, embodied in Donald Trump (who funded them) now completely take over. 

Grassroot Conservatives and Libertarians may be winning battles, but we are not winning the war. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham hates Trump, but his shenanigans early in the primary bogged down the process way too much. His colleagues in the establishment like John Boehner jumped on the Trump train, maybe not right away, but they did. It gave credentials to Trump when he did not deserve them. 

Endorsements from people popular among evangelicals like Jerry Falwell, Jr., Sarah Palin, Ben Carson (whom Trump compared to a child molester), and even Lance Wallnua only added to those credentials. 

Those of who stood strong for Conservative values through this whole primary season, people like CNN commentator Tara Setmayer,  Christian authors Dr. Michael Brown and John C. Maxwell,  among others have been put in a very tedious position. We are asking ourselves, “What is next?” Some have the answer. 

The Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, one of the most vocal anti-Trump Conservatives, told TheBlaze, “I have certain lines I will not cross as a voter. Trump is beyond those lines, and so is Hillary.” He later said he will either vote third party or stay home. 

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter defended the Never Trump movement on Twitter, saying, “Refusing to vote for Trump is not a vote for Hillary. It’s a vote of conscience that the GOP can, must, and will do better.”

I agree. Donald Trump is toxic for this party. We saw how Fox News and MSNBC Neocon anchor Joe Scarborough, along with Breitbart News Network and The Drudge Report descended on anti-Trump supporters from the very beginning. They would ridicule argue, use Trump talking points, rarely challenge his most outlandish claims, and then openly lie about Ted Cruz supporters like Glenn Beck on air.

Even if they did not openly assault Cruz supporters like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Jesse Watters, Eric Boiling, Andrea Tantaros, Michael Savage, or Alex Jones did, they hid like cowards in the wings. People like Rush Limbaugh who refused to take sides basically handed Donald Trump the nomination. 

Not only that, but both Fox News and Breitbart sacrificed two of their reporters in the name of ratings. Breitbart tried to get Michelle Fields under control when she was allegedly attacked by Trump’s campaign manager, but only succeeded in making her a martyr. Meanwhile, Fox succeed in forcing Megyn Kelly to tout the company line despite her abuse at the hands of Trump supporters. That left John Stossel as the last holdout on their sister network Fox Business Network.

What does this mean for us who stood for Conservatives and/or Libertarians values?  

This is just my opinion, but I think we should stand with Ben Shapiro, Amanda Carpenter, and others like the Conservative Babes (who graciously allowed me to use their graphic for my headline). 

The Republican Party have betrayed us long enough. In 2008 with John McCain, I actually voted, ironically, for Sarah Palin. In 2012, with Mitt Romney, I actually voted, again ironically for then-Congressman Paul Ryan. No more will I vote for the bottom of the ticket. A vote for Donald Trump is no different than a vote for Hillary Clinton. Even if he picked a true Conservative as a Vice Presidential candidate, to me, it would reflect poorly on that person is he or she accepted.

Now, I am considering who the Conservative third parties are going to run and who is running as an independent. If I have to write-in, I will, but I won’t refuse to vote. I think that is a mistake, but I will choose a candidate who at least a true Conservative. 

I stand with the Never Trump movement, all the way until November. 

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