Author Resource- Sara Ella YouTube Vlog


I try to provide great resources for my fellow authors who are writing novels, novellas, short stories, poems, dramas, science fiction, fantasy, romance… I could go on and on. I love posting informational graphs and sharing craft books that I enjoy, but today I am bringing you a YouTube Channel by author Sara Ella.

I find it hard to find a good YouTube Channel on being an author. A lot of these YouTube vloggers do not talk about the writing, they just pontificate or complain, but with Sara Ella, you get a great deal of wisdom and some pretty cool industry tidbits. She also provides some great insights into the writers craft. If you want to see if she is on the up and up, head to her website first.

Sara Ella recently published a romantic fantasy novel Unblemished. I have yet to read it, but it is included in my Amazon wish list. 

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