#ThrowbackThursday – Favorite Cult Animated Series of the 90s Part 1

Check out more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles!

Check out more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles!

Remember turning on the TV and catching the latest animated show? Now, I’m not talking Doug or Batman: The Animated Series. I’m talking the cult shows that only had a few fans and a few were basically toy commercials. Because of this, they barely lasted more than three seasons. This is the Part 1 list of my favorite Cult Animated Series of the 90s.

Street Sharks- Remember the Bolton brothers on UPN? The evil Dr. Piranoid uses a gene splicer to give the brothers a shark look. They were Ripster the Great White, Jab the Hammerhead, Streex the Tiger Shark, and Slammu the Whale Shark. Though they were accused of making their father disappear, these fugitives fought crime and often battled to keep Dr. Piranoid from turning the citizens of Fission City into monsters.

The show ran for three seasons and I watched it every Saturday. I also probably owned half the toys that came out. I never missed single episode. 

Wild West C.O.W Boys of Moo Mesa- In a Disney alternate reality, a meteorite landed in the West, turning many of the animals into walking talking Cowboys and Cowgirls. Marshall Moo Montana, The Dakota Dude, and Cowlorado Kid patrol their area to protect the community from evil barons looking to take over the small towns. 

This show mixed Steampunk, science fiction, and Tall Tales of the Old West. It was a wild ride and a lot of fun. 

Adventures from the Book of Virtues- On PBS, I learned so much about different mythologies and about good morals from this show. Kids were hear stories from talking animals in the forest next them, including Plato the Bison. It had such Greek heroics as Odysseus and American legends like Pecos Bill. 

They did tell some amazing stories and I enjoyed every episode. 

Sonic the Hedgehog- Nicknamed SatAM by fans of the show, this cartoon retold the classic tale of this video game character. It expanded the use of characters. Sadly, Sonic’s friendly nemesis Knuckles the Echidna never made an appearance, but creators say if it had gone to a third season, he would have.  

As a longtime SEGA fan, I loved this show and the Archie comic book based on it. 

Extreme Dinosaurs- This UPN show was a spin-off of Street Sharks. They were originally called the Dino-Vengers, but changed when they got their own show. The characters fought to keep genetically engineered velociraptors from trying to change the Earth back to prehistoric times. 

Though this show had many science and history flaws, it was a great adventure every episode. 

That’s the first part to my list of favorite cult animated shows. Did I miss any of yours? Comment below and you might see them in a future list. Don’t forget to subscribe for more Throwback Thursday fun!

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