Vengeance Maybe- A Flash Fiction Original Short

Vengeance Maybe

I participated in a writing prompt contest on J.A. Allen’s blog Scribbles on a Cocktail Napkin. You should check it out, it’s got a ton of great advice and resources for writers. While I did not win the contest, I cannot really complain. The winner had a knock-out story, but I thought I’d publish mine here. Check it out below:

“Finish it,” my father said as he breathed his last.
I knew exactly what he meant.
After giving myself a moment to grieve, I reached under his pillow and there I found it. It was his Baby Glock. The cold steel felt right in my hands.
I left my father’s bedroom and went into his library where I found my brother going through his desk.
“Is the old bird dead?”
“Yes. And now you will pay for speeding it along.” I raised the gun.
He started to stutter, “I…only..did…it…for…you…and…me.”
I responded by pulling the trigger.
He fell to the ground with a loud crash and as I approached him, he whimpered, “Please, sister, I…”
I pulled the trigger one more time. I did not care about the consequences. I only cared about justice or vengeance maybe.


©2016 Jacob Airey- Edited from the original posting.

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