Great Sci-Fi Read- The Forever Saga 1: Flash

Flash Cover Foxtrot - eBook cover

Recently, Sean C. Sousa wrote an updated version of The Forever Saga 1: Flash titled The Last and The Greatest which I have not had the privilege to read yet. That being the case, I will discuss the first edition. 

My wife and her family are friends with the author and his wife. I have not gotten to meet them yet, but I hope to because I can honestly say this is a fantastic book. Click on the link provided above to see his Facebook page.

Brian Renney is a Vietnam War vet with a huge chip on his shoulder. It alienates him from his wife and his kids. On an ordinary day, something extraordinary happens. He is rescued from a near fatal attack by Prince Ahya, a member of a giant race of robots. Their creators want to conquer the world from their kingdom in Arctic. Renney appears to be standing in their way. What follows is an incredible journey for Renney and his new robotic friend he has nicknamed Flash.

This is a great science fiction novel. It has the perfect blend of action, suspense, futuristic technology, while also touching on topics like faith, family, PTSD, and more. As soon as you can, head to Amazon or his official website to pick up a copy. 

If you read the updated edition, comment below and tell me if you liked it. Be sure to subscribe for more reading recommendations.

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