Marvel’s “Most Wanted” Is Not Happening


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been playing with the idea of a spin-off for sometime. Originally, Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood, who played Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter respectively, were going to get a spin-off titled Marvel’s Most Wanted, but ABC passed on it. 

However, in season three, Agents Morse and Hunter gained a large fan following. While Morse did not gain the powers that made her Mockingbird, the season had an episode that showed Bobbi and Lance getting disavowed after they kill a Russian general (one who was planning a coup) in a very public fashion. They were given a heartfelt send off and they were not seen again. 

Soon after, it was announced that Marvel’s Most Wanted was getting new life on ABC Family (now called Freeform). A pilot was filmed which showed Morse and Hunter trying to clear their names with the help of another Marvel Comics character, Dominic Fortune. 

Unfortunately, Freeform passed on the pilot in May 2016. It was kept rather quiet, despite fan curiosity. 

Because of this, it’s leaving those of us who were looking forward to it wondering what will happen to Bobbi and Lance in Agents of SHIELD. Palicki has stated that they will have guest roles during season four and that they want to potentially return. 

That will be difficult considering the way they departed, however, maybe with the set-up of season four at the end of season three they could just kind of appear with a MacDuffin excuse on how they are back. 

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