#bluelivesmatter – 5 #DallasPD Cops Dead. Who’s To Blame?


On Thursday, two men were in the news after tragically being killed by police officers. Both of them appeared to be instances of foul play with one even featuring a poorly angled video showing an aggressive cop.

However, before the bodies were even cold or an investigation could even begin, the racist organization Black Lives Matter was already staging protests. Their allies, fake social justice warriors (even some on the right), were writing articles defending the movement despite the fact they had caused riots in the cities of Baltimore and Ferguson. They were in denial of the violent rhetoric of BLM, going so far as to say they “understand” their grievances.

Those of us who know BLM’s pension for violence counted down the minutes and we did not have to wait long. 

In Dallas, Texas, not far from where I grew up, Black Lives Matter rallied to protest the two shootings and spread their hatred.  

During the so-called march, which began peacefully, a gunman gunned down five police officers who were just doing their duty. He wounded nine others including two civilians. One of the officers killed was a newlywed who was highly decorated. 

BLM’s supporters, of course, were saying, “Don’t jump to conclusions.” Yet, Dallas Police Chief David Brown, an African-American, says the suspected shooter, who died after a stand-off with police, wanted to kill white people especially those in uniform. 

Were there scores of Black Lives Matter activist on Twitter calling for an end to violence? No, in fact, many of them praised the deaths and even called for more. It was reported that at a BLM rally in Portland, Oregan, another activist was arrested after brandishing a gun at police officers. 

As for who’s to blame for this? I blame the media, the social justice warriors, the left, the “sympathetic” right, and the racist gunman who did this deed for this vile murder of five police officers. 

I am saddened by those, especially on the Right, who are choosing to ignore the racist connection of the Black Lives Matter movement. Some are ignoring the Dallas shootings all together, as if they did not happen. The two young men who were killed, they deserve justice and if the police officers acted with malicious intent, they should be punished. But when you say that cops stop more blacks than any other group, that is just not true. Statistics show whites are pulled over more often and die in conflicts with the police more often. 

What is disgusting me even more is the comparison between British law enforcement and American law enforcement. I see Facebook updates that say, for example, “British cops are way more friendly than American cops.” It is nice to know that these people have met every single cop in American and England to make these comparisons. Police officers, no matter the country, are people just like anyone else except they are braver for putting on a badge and uniform everyday to protect you so you can put asinine things on social media. They are better than their detractors. 

We need to stand by our law enforcement personnel. We need to stand by those who have shown honor and dignity, that way the bad ones can be weeded out. Defending a racist organization like Black Lives Matter and then ignoring what happened to the five cops in Dallas and others all across the country is wrong. We are better than that. 

Blue Lives Matter!

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