Who Is Better For Mid-Terms?

Donald Trump pic 01Many Americans are anxiously waiting for November and the presidential election. Hillary Clinton has successfully united the Democratic Party base, but still has a long road to go in uniting the rest of the party. Meanwhile, Republicans are divided into three camps right now. On one hand, you have those supporting the GOP presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump because they want to stop Hillary Clinton. The second is the Alt Right. A fanatical group causing just as many waves in the GOP as their nominee. The final camp is the Never Trump movement. They are not satisfied with a former Clinton donor at the head of their ticket. Whichever side your on, there is a lot of drama.

On the Democrat Party side, FBI director James Comey stunned the United States of America the other day with his announcement that law enforcement will not move forward with their investigation or press charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email severer during her time as Secretary of State. Though he acknowledged that the State Department was careless under her leadership, it had no criminal intent.

The news caused reaction across social media with her supporters praising the FBI and detractors pointing out that many others, including military veteran General David Petraues, were punished for lesser crimes than Clinton stands accused and went to jail.

Comey was brought before a Congressional committee where he was harshly questioned by Republicans and praised by Democrats. Comey stood his ground and refused to acknowledge the holes in his decision and even went as far as to say that he smiles when he hears another law
enforcement official or prosecutor say they would have brought this before a grand jury.

Department of Justice Secretary Loretta Lynch immediately closed the investigation and has backed her subordinate Comey. She will be appearing before Congress sometime next week to discuss this decision and the fact that she met with Bill Clinton on her private jet in the days before Comey made the announcement.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is breathing a sigh of relief and has continued campaigning while criticizing Comey’s assessment of carelessness.

On the GOP side, Donald Trump has been hammering Clinton on ethics and he has gone after her on this email scandal, though not as harshly as some Conservatives would like.

However, Trump has had his own problems with making racially insensitive remarks. He motioned to an African-American in at an event and said, “There’s my African-American.” He called out the judge in his Trump University trial out for being of Mexican descent despite the fact he was raised in the United States. His Alt Right allies have gone full antisemitic sending pictures of ovens to Jewish commentators who oppose Trump. Even more recently, a supporter tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton with a disparaging message, but it had the Star of David in the background. He quickly changed it to a circle, but the damage was already done. His supporters have rushed to defend him and make excuses for him.

For many in the Never Trump movement, enough is enough. They want another option, but they are not sure what to do.

When Conservative commentator Bill Kristol failed to recruit a third party candidate and Libertarian Party candidate former New Mexico GOP Governor Gary Johnson let hopefuls down, many are looking to free the delegates at the convention.

Trump supporters are getting on the defensive and pointing out that Clinton would be way worse as a president.

This is the one unifying fact that the Never Trump crowd and Trump supporters agree, a second Clinton Administration would be a disaster artist. It would paint the United States in a worse light than even President Barack Hussein Obama has done.

The interesting thing is, Hillary Clinton has allegedly done something illegal while Donald Trump has been vile. Of course being vile is not illegal. Despite this, she continues to lead most presidential polls by as much as ten percent.

Clinton is having a negative effect on the Democrats as their presidential nominee. Hillary is seen an elitist who is above the law and this latest Department of Justice announcement adds fuel to the fire. Even among women, her support is slipping. Obama has even given her the privilege of campaigning on Air Force One, at the expense of the tax payers. Even with Bernie Sanders saying he will support her and Elizabeth Warren joining her campaign, her many scandals, even those apart from the email scandal, have effected her polling. The perception to some is that there are two sets of laws, one for Clinton and one for regular people.

Normally, when one candidate is slipping, their opponent’s poll numbers go up. Yet, this is not happening with the Trump-Clinton showdown. Despite all of Clinton’s negatives she is staying in the lead and that is seen by some as a weakness in Trump.

Conservative pundits have said this is unprecedented. No matter who was on the Republican ticket, Hillary Clinton is distracted by these scandals. Yet, she is leading the polls in a one on one battle with Donald Trump.

Let’s take this at another perspective. Considering the fact that Clinton is leading the polls, Trump’s continuing making mistakes and racially insensitive remarks, and the behavior of his supporters, would she be as disastrous with the mid-terms as the Donald would?

This is a serious question that Conservatives need to sit down with each other and discuss.

Already, Donald Trump is effecting the 2016 Senate and House elections in a negative light. It has been so bad that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had to assure Congressional candidates that if they are in a state or district that is not a fan of Trump, to campaign on that. When in history has a high ranking member of a party told candidates to abandon their presidential candidate?

Donald Trump was not happy with the Speaker, of course, but Speaker Ryan is correct. Conservatives are shying away from Trump more and more. Most are staying home or are considering third party options. As stated earlier, Libertarian candidate Austen Petersen was seen as a great alternative, but the party choose Johnson instead. Johnson is not a real Libertarian. His calls for gun control and the end of religious liberty alone are proof enough of that.

Meanwhile, the Alt Right alliance of Trump’s supporters can call Conservatives cucks and other names. Trump surrogate Sarah Palin stood up before an audience and declared all those who do not support Trump are rats. Mike Huckabee said, “Good riddance,” to anyone who leaves the party over the nominee.

The GOP nominee’s allies can call detractors names and shout insults all they want, but it is not persuading them only alienating them more. In fact, many in the Never Trump movement began using the rat moniker as “Republicans Against Trump.”

The truth is, Donald Trump is bad for mid-terms election. If you look at the polls, Texas, a traditionally red state, is starting to slip toward purple. The Lone Star State is not the only one. Arizona, Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina, and a few others are starting to lean from right, to center, to the left.

Apart from voters’ anger over Trump and his allies insensitive rhetoric, instead of standing for Conservative values, he is taking the GOP in the direction of a populist right-wing party more akin to Europe than the United States of America.

With all of these factors, the mid-term elections will bring a wave of liberal supporters that will seat more Democrats in Congress than we saw in 2007. Not just here in 2016, but unless Trump and the Alt Right change tactics, 2018 and later 2020 will be grossly affected by this campaign.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton will be better for Conservatives from strictly a mid-term election perspective.

Besides the email scandal, her actions surrounding Benghazi refuse to go away. The victims and their families continue to get coverage on the news and call her out for lying to them. Despite her best efforts, she cannot make it go away. Just recently, Megyn Kelly had one of the mothers of the victims on and she called Hillary Clinton and the rest of the White House administration liars for claiming a YouTube video was responsible.

Follow that up with the recording of her laughing as she brags about getting a child rapist acquitted during her time as an attorney still floats up on the internet. This recording brings into question her true motives behind all of her initiatives that she tries to pass for children.

Her association with scam artist Peter Paul brings, though not as big as others, still tarnishes. She, of course, says Peter Paul is a con artist, but there is a video at an event where she publicly thanks him for his support. Since then, they have parted ways and Paul sued the Clintons at one point.

The unethical behavior of the Clinton Foundation remains in the news. Though her allies in the cable news outlets, including former staffer George Stephanopoulos, jump to its defense, many point to it receiving cash from countries that promote values Hillary Clinton stands against.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, continues to parade around the campaign trail with rumors of his infidelity continuing to linger, leaving a stench in the air about the couple. Though the couple waves these stories off as salacious gossip, many news outlets have reported on it.

Recently, a former Secret Service agent wrote a “tell all” book describing what it was like to serve under the former First Lady. He describes a bitter, controlling, and border line sadistic woman who was an elitist public figure. Though many are dismissing the book as a publicity stunt, it still is a stain.

Even if you put aside the scandals, look at her policy initiatives. She is for gun control, universal healthcare, higher taxes, abortion on demand, and for more environmental regulations on the energy industry.

As she tries to pass more and more of these overreaching laws, the nation will get tired of it because these policies will begin to effect people’s jobs and paychecks as they have under President Obama. The voters will begin to move away from her and her party.

The GOP could sweep in and take the House and Senate in 2018 if they play their cards right. That kind of sweep would serve as check to what damage Hillary Clinton could cause as president. When 2020 comes, hopefully a smarter GOP will throw their weight behind a more Conservative candidate instead of trying to shove a moderate down the voters’ throats. That alone could potentially win the election.

I know it seems that the next mid-term and even more so the next presidential election seems like a long way off, but Republicans have got to stop playing their hand and then folding. They have to operate like a shadow party and plan further ahead in advance. This election and especially the next mid-term election is to important to let it go by the wayside with a volatile candidate like Donald Trump.

Now, it does seem like Donald Trump is locked in and you may think my prediction is wrong, then think about this. There has been a suggestion that at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio the delegates are planning a revolt. That is how unpopular Donald Trump is with not just the electorate, but with the party. The newly formed Free The Delegates movement has been popularized by Conservative commentators Amanda Carpenter and David French.

Am I suggestions Conservatives vote for Clinton if the GOP confirms Donald Trump at the convention? Not at all, but I do think we should vote for third party Conservative candidates as protest like Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.

Donald Trump will be detrimental for Conservatives and the GOP leadership needs to get its act together or the Republican Party will split. That will be an even worse fate than Clinton presidency.

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