Great Legal Thriller- Self Incrimination by Randy Singer

Self Incrimination Randy Singer

I previously recommended Randy Singer’s legal thriller Directed Verdict. This book carries on the same law firm, but you do not need the previous one to understand the characters.

Attorney Leslie Connors is trying to plan a wedding with her fiancee and fellow lawyer Brad. However, she gets the most frustrating client in Tara Bannister, whose abusive stepfather hurt beat her mother one too many times. Tara shot him twice and though she claims self-defense, the forensics tell a story of a cold blooded killing. Tara does everything in her power to seem guilty, alienating the judge and prosecution. 

To make matters worse, she finds out she has a heart condition that needs immediate attention. Does she dare tell Brad? Can she get control of her client before she puts herself in more trouble. 

This was a great novel. The author does a good job of making you feel like a part of the story through the first person narrative of Leslie Connors. It is well written and the suspense builds up through the whole story. 

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