News and Updates July 31, 2016

news and updates picture

Okay, so I know that Sundays are usually saved for my Christian Inspirations articles or for reviewing worship and praise songs, but today I wanted to give you some news and updates heading into the month of August 2016.

First of all, I started a Medium account. I will write articles there that are exclusive and full of some great and insightful commentary that will be unique. Register on Medium and then search for Jacob Airey. You can read all the bonus content there. 

Every now and then, I liked to do theme months and for the month of August, my theme will be my home state of Texas. I know I am living in California right now, but I think this will be fun.  Throughout the month, you will see movie and music review, patriot section highlights, articles and many more that have to do with the month of Texas. 

The biggest news, however is this: tomorrow, my blog will change its name and theme. I am heading in a new direction with my blog and I just don’t feel like the current title or look matches. You will see new subjects, topics, and interests, but the general content of the blog will be the same. It’s a celebration of the changing season and the fact that my book is in the publishing process. 

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