Welcome To Real Jacob Airey

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Today, Lone Star Inspirations has been re-titled Real Jacob Airey. Why is that? It is not because I am a narcissistic blogger (despite the photograph) who has to have his name on everything. I have to admit, I fought back and forth with a title for sometime. I chose this because I want to refocus, re-brand, and reboot to go beyond what I had previously done. 

This is the next step in a fledgling writer’s career and I want to continually make my works more and more visible. I want to everyone to be able to see what events I’m covering, what projects I’m working on, and what stories are in outline, or about the be published.

You will see more movie and classic film reviews, reading recommendations, Christian inspiration pieces, articles, essays, music reviews, and so much more. 

To celebrate the previous theme of my home state, I am declaring August 2016 to be Texas Month. Not all, but most of the articles will be themed after the Lone Star State. Be sure to subscribe to see these new projects and all of the Texas articles coming your way. 

01 Texas state flag

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