Evan McMullin Is In The 2016 Race

Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin is the latest in the growing number of high profile Republicans to denounce their Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Along with Senators Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Mike Lee, he joins the growing course of GOP activists who are refusing to support Trump.

However, McMullin took the step forward, launching via Facebook Live at his home state of Utah last week. He announced that is mounting an independent bid for the White House.

Unlike Brad Thor or David French who both ultimately ruled out a bid, McMullin has begun garnering signatures to get on the ballot in at least 24 states. He has made it on the ballot in Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, but has missed the deadline for Texas, Tennessee, and Montana.

He is positioning himself as a Conservative alternative to both Donald Trump, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, and now former New Mexico governor and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who has moved further to the Left since launching his campaign.

While many are debating his chances at getting any votes in the electoral college, some are asking an even bigger question. Who is Evan McMullin?

His resume and experience go back several years and while he has not served in an elected capacity, he has been a consistent Conservative.

He attended Brigham Young University for his undergraduate degree and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where he received an MBA.

He served as an intelligence officer with the CIA for eleven years before a stint as an investment banking associate at Goldman Sachs.

In 2013, he became a senior advisor to the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs before moving to his current post in 2015, Chief Policy Director of the House Republican Conference.

On his campaign website, he wrote a piece titled “My Letter To America” explaining the reasons why he is mounting a seemingly uphill battle against the two major party candidates and even the two third party candidates Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

While not mentioning Stein or Johnson, he goes into great detail about Hillary Clinton whom he says, “(She) fails the basic tests of judgment and ethics any candidate for President must meet.”

On Trump, he did not mince words either. “Given his (Trump’s) obvious personal instability, putting him in command of our military and nuclear arsenal would be deeply irresponsible.”

He lists the issues where he falls squarely with the Right on issues such as gun rights, abortion, immigration, the economy, national security, and many more.

While Johnson and Stein are climbing the polls, McMullin’s announcement has a few people scratching their heads on his late bid. Some have even gone so far as calling his campaign a joke discussing his low polling numbers.

It may be true that his poll numbers have not gone up much, but with Conservatives disenfranchised with Trump either staying home in November, voting for a Trojan Horse third party, or even worse, voting for Hillary Clinton, McMullin could turn out to be the breath of fresh air that they have been waiting for.

McMullin has not yet announced who his vice presidential running mate will be.

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