Will Trump Overturn The Johnson Amendment

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I always wondered why such great Christians leaders like Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Pat Robertson would support such a fraud candidate like Donald Trump. I never understood why they latched themselves to the GOP when they have broken promise after promise to the Christian community.

Donald Trump himself has already flip flopped on things like his infamous Wall, abortion, religious liberty, and even chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who betrayed Christians when he vetoed a religious liberty bill, as his vice presidential candidate.

Their support has gone to the bizarre. Many of them claiming the Donald is a “baby Christian” even though he has openly ridiculed the very notion of salvation. Respected ministers from Paula White to Lance Wallnau, they all have tied themselves to him despite all these negatives.

Then, I heard it. At the GOP Convention, Donald Trump declared he would overturn the Johnson Amendment, which bans religious leaders from making political endorsements from the pulpit.

Granted, the Johnson Amendment is a violation of the First Amendment and it should be overturned, but for Christian leaders to tie themselves to one of the most un-Christian candidates in a long time, I think that is a mistake.

Can we really trust Donald Trump to overturn the Johnson Amendment?

Let’s look at the facts. Since the GOP Primary, Trump has flip flopped on the Wall (as mentioned above). He has flip flopped on trade. He has flip flopped on gun rights. Just this month, we found out he flip flopped on immigration and amnesty…twice!

Donald Trump is one of the most untrustworthy candidates to tie themselves to. Christians, especially Christian leaders, need to be careful and not so trusting of the Republican Party.

The GOP has quietly insulted, openly ridiculed, and betrayed Christians ever since President Bush left office. They are nice to our face and at our events. They give us hope in their speeches only to cower on the Congressional floors. They have promised us religious freedom and we have gotten nothing. They have been promising to overturn the Johnson Amendment since it was passed, they have not.

Donald Trump is a liberal and a fraud, do not count on him to pass anything that will be beneficial to the Christian community.

That is my opinion and I welcome yours. Comment below and be sure to subscribe for more political insights.

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