Gun Control: President Obama’s Legacy

01 GunControl

President Barack Hussein Obama has, since the beginning of his presidency, has been very vocal about his desire for more gun control. He tried to tag it with a different title, “common sense” laws to curb gun violence. Curbing gun violence is code for gun control.

After every mass shooting, the White House does not even wait until after the victim’s funerals before he begins to pander to gun control zealots. His efforts included trying to stamp down on independent gun sales to close the now disproved “gun show loophole.”

While President Obama mostly failed to pass gun control on a federal level, he inspired it in his surrogates in the various state legislatures. Several state politicians have picked up the baton and have begun to lead the charge for gun control.

For instance, Hawaii’s “Rap Back” program implemented this summer, which requires Hawaiian citizens to be forced into a gun registry controlled by the FBI. It also gives doctors lee-way in determining whether a person is fit to own a gun.

Obama’s former home state is not the only one trying to curb Second Amendment Rights. The Massachusetts attorney general decided to unilaterally change the gun laws to make them more restrictive in her state. California has joined the cause by passing certain ammo restrictions and banning different types of upgrades and modifications.

These regulations have no due process and gives the state governments unprecedented power in determining our rights as American citizens.

While Conservatives may have partially won on the federal level, there has to be a calibration on the focus of the battles. The three states above are all in heavy Democrat control. Do Conservatives really have a chance to defeat these measures? The answer is yes. The polling data is on the side of gun owners.

The liberal media loves to point out that “90% of Americans want background checks.” However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation did a two year study that proved the number was actually 40%.

With this in mind, Gun Rights Advocates can stand up for the Second Amendment and stop the the Obama Legacy of gun control.

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