Dallas Jenkins Comedy Film Gets Release Date

Photo courtesy of Anjelah Johnson's Instagram @anjelahjohnson

Photo courtesy of Anjelah Johnson’s Instagram @anjelahjohnson

Last year, it was announced that Harvest Bible Church in Elgin, Illinois was producing its first feature film through their company Vertical Church Films and its founder Dallas Jenkins.

The film The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is a comedy drama film directed by Jenkins and based on a script by Andrea Nasfell (Mom’s Night Out) is about a washed up child star turned actor who has to do community service at a church. He pretends to be a Christian to star as Jesus so he can be in the church play to use up all of his 200 hours worth of service. Soon he learns his biggest role may be away from Hollywood.

It has been given a release date of January 20th, 2017. It is being released worldwide through WWE Films who purchased the distribution rights back in July 2015.

The films stars Brett Dalton (of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), Anjelah Johnson (Mom’s Night Out), Neil Flynn (The Middle), WWE star Shawn Michaels, Christopher Maleki (Passions), and D.B. Sweeney (Heist).

The film was made on two million dollar budget, which is relatively small compared to even most modern comedy films.

Director Dallas Jenkins is the son of Jerry B. Jenkins, author the Left Behind series, The Last Operative, and the Precinct 11 trilogy.

Jenkins got his start as the media director of Harvest Bible Church, but has since started filming Christian short films and did his first feature film What if starring Kevin Sorbo in 2009.

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