#DebateTonight – Trump VS Clinton Round 1 Insights

So, that was one of the most entertaining debate I have ever seen and that is a bad thing.

Lester Holt did an okay job as a moderator, of course, he did favor Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump and it was blatantly obvious.

Hillary Clinton was visibly agitated with Donald Trump. She was sighing, rolling her eyes, and at one point became so frustrated, she uttered, “Okay. Whew.” That is not an argument.

She pandered to her left-wing base by discussing the Second Amendment and removing it from US citizens.

As for Donald Trump, he won the first 30 minutes, but he let Clinton get under his skin and he reverted to his old primary self. It is clear he has no plan for foreign policy.

I am one of the last holdouts of the Never Trump and this debate only solidified that belief.

Trump touted his NRA endorsement while in the same breath, arguing that those on “government watch lists” do not deserve to own a gun. Martin Luther King, Jr. was on the government watch list.

Again, he basically agrees with Hillary Clinton on substance. As of right now, I am not sure who I am voting for, but I am Never Trump and Never Hillary.

That is my opinion and I welcome yours. Be sure to share, like, and subscribe for more political insights.

3 thoughts on “#DebateTonight – Trump VS Clinton Round 1 Insights

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