#VPDebate 2016 – Pence VS Kaine

Vice Presidential candidates Governor Mike Pence (IN) of the Republican Party and Senator Tim Kaine (VI) of the Democratic Party squared off in a debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

CBS News Anchor Elaine Quijano moderated and she did an average job, though it was obvious she favored Kaine. She gave him time to respond to attacks and often interrupted Pence when he was making a statement. I am not really surprised, this pattern will be repeated throughout American history.

She did a great job asking the questions, but at times, it seemed she lost control of the debaters and would have trouble getting them back on track to what they were discussing.

As for the candidates,

Pence did an excellent job of keeping his cool, unlike his running mate GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He was calm, collected, and sounding like he truly knew what he was talking about. Although, he accidentally called the university “Norwood,” that seemed to be his only slip up. He touted his and his running mate’s record, though the latter seemed to be more difficult.

One of his most incredible moments was when he passionately made the case for being Pro-Life. It was one of the most eloquent and compassionate to come from a Conservative. It completely blew me away how strong a case it was.

He stood strong, though I know it was probably difficult for him trying to defend Donald Trump’s very poor Pro-Life stance and even past support for partial birth abortions.

As for Kaine, he also had trouble defending his running mate, Hillary Clinton. He certainly did his best. He attempted to brag about the failed deal with Iran, Roe Vs. Wade, her failed Russian “reset,” her contempt for Israel, and he even tried to make an incredible case for why the Clinton Foundation does good in the world. That struck me as odd. I was dumbfounded by some of what he said there. Unlike Pence, he came off as very rude during the debate as he kept interrupting his opponent.

Honestly, his strongest case were made against Trump’s own words. He attacked Trump for his comments about Mexicans, John McCain, Veterans, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a whole host of other quotes. Those were his best moments.

If I was to look at it in an unbiased fashion, which is easy because I am a Never Trump supporter, I still have to say that Pence won that debate. He maintained his calm, composure, and made the best case for his side.

If failed RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had actually done his job, we would have somone like Pence in the top spot, but instead we have a Democrat sleeper agent who is tearing the GOP and Conservative values apart. (These are now wholly separate issues).

That is my opinion and I welcome yours. Comment below and tell me what you think. If you liked my political insight, share this article and be sure to subscribe for more election coverage.

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