Trigger Warning: Trump supporters will not like this article

What I am about to say will be very unpopular and will cause a lot of butt hurt. Get over it. I am so tired of seeing what is going on with Christians during this 2016 election.

For those of you who genuinely think Donald Trump is the right candidate over Hillary Clinton, you are willing to look over all his faults on election, and not use your religion as some excuse to justify you vote, this article is not for you. Not at all.

This is for those will one day have to overhear someone say, “Hey, remember that time Christian leaders endorsed a pervert for the president,” and say, “But, David from the Bible wasn’t perfect.”

I am so tired of Christians, especially prominent pastors and teachers, who are making excuses for perversion, sexual harassment, and assault. What is worse, using the Bible to do it. It is disgusting. By the way, it does not matter if it is Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, perversion is perversion and there are no two ways about it.

Donald Trump is on video after video openly bragging about sexual escapades, even having threesomes and affairs with married women. He was caught on tape bragging about his desire to forcibly grab women by their genitals and trying to kiss them. He was even on television talking about dating his own daughter (that’s the tamest of the quotes). As recently as the primary campaign, he attacked a rival’s wife for an ad that was not even put out by his rival.

Now more and more victims of Trump’s assaults are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe some of the allegations are false, I don’t know, but for Christian leaders to brush them aside just because The Donald has a “R” next to his name is a mistake.

The only gain Christian leaders get from this is religious liberty and the repeal of the Johnson Amendment. Remember, Trump’s running mate vetoed legislation to protect religious liberty. Forgot about that, huh? As for the Johnson Amendment, Republicans have been promising to repeal that since the Nixon years. Why should we believe them even if Trump is a truly red Conservative?

And if you think Trump is pro-life, that is such a lie. He has been on television many times before the election talking about how he is “Very pro-choice.” Those are his words, not mine. The only evidence we have of a change is his word.

When Mitt Romney ran in 2012, he at least had a record showing his conversion from pro-choice to pro-life. He vetoed, supported, and signed laws that were pro-life in nature. Trump has not.

This same argument applies to the Supreme Court. He once said his sister would make a great judge. His sister is a pro-choice, big government radical. He released that list of “acceptable judges” only after the fallout from his previous statement.

If his record of scamming real estate students, bankrupting businesses to avoid debts, attempting to steal an old lady’s land, and putting workers in the unemployment line are in any indication, he is not trustworthy.

Oh, but Christians should forgive. I mean, “do not throw stones or something” and all that. Christian leaders are misquoting John 8 (intentionally, I might add) and trying to say, “All men talk about women in that context at one point.” What a horrible thing to say. If Christian men are really talking inappropriately about women, especially wishing to force themselves on them, then they need to repent. That is a horrendous thing to do to your sisters in Christ.

Also, drop the whole “we’re electing a president not a pastor” argument. By that logic, we could go out and vote for Vernon Supreme or even Hillary Clinton. That is one of the most annoying arguments I have ever heard. It has no substance.

The toughest part for me is seeing leaders I had respected fall into this trap. I am extremely disappointed in Lance Wallnau and Jerry Falwell, Jr. in particular. Originally, I honestly believe they genuinely wanted to just stop Clinton. However, now it is a pride thing. They endorsed him and now they have to own him.

Yes, I said it. Deal with it.

Wallnau has made video after video praising Trump and with these recent allegations, instead of humbling himself and acknowledging his mistake, he has doubled down.

Falwell has done the same. He has posed with Trump in front of a Playboy cover and even has gone onto to CNN to say that even if Trump is guilty of sexual harassment, he would vote for him.

These beliefs have spawned so many social media posts giving excuse after excuse for Trump’s bad behavior. I feel it is only a matter of time before one of my friends who is caught in this lie will declare Trump as the second coming. Literally.

Needless to say, I will no longer be supporting these so-called Christian leader’s ministries. I doubt they care about little ol’ me, but if they ever read this, I hope it inspires change in them.

Now, I agree with those that say there should not be a religious test for the president. Of course not. I do not believe Trump is a Christian. No one can show me proof he is, but even if he was, I would not vote for him because of that. Many presidential candidates have claimed to be Christians, but their lifestyle said otherwise. I will vote on who I think shares my values.

Once again, if you just genuinely believe Trump is the right man for the job, vote for him. I will not. He is not a Conservative and does not share my values and I will vote for the person I think does. For me, that is Evan McMullin. For you, it might be someone else.

If Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or Donald Trump or Evan McMullin wins, God will still be on the throne. The apocalypse will not come because of one or the other. That will happen in God’s time. No one else’s.

Do not try to use my faith (or yours) to shame me into voting for someone or as an excuse to justify your vote. That, in itself, is not Biblical. What is Biblical is voting with your principles, not for a personality or party. Man can corrupt parties and personalities, but principles grounded in God’s Word, they can carry you forever.

I know this post was partly angry and I make no excuses or apologies. It is how I feel and I am expressing that. I will delete any asinine comments, but if you want to have a rational discussion, I’m open.

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