#DebateNight 2016 – Trump VS Clinton Final Round

We witnessed the final round of political boxing between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Of the three, this one was the most presidential between the two candidates.  I will say, whichever candidate wins, the United States looses. These candidates are so bad, sorry, I am getting ahead of myself.

The final debate was moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, who did an excellent job. He was tough, but fair on both of them. The questions were smart and intelligent. It was good to see a debate moderator be an actual journalist instead of trying to help one candidate or the other.

Hillary Clinton managed to stay focused and stayed on her DNC talking points. Trump did not get under her skin and though her facial expressions showed irritation at times, she did not verbalize it. She dodged accusations about the recent release of revealing videos from Project Veritas.

Project Veritas videos revealed that Democrat operatives were behind some of the violence at Trump rallies. I am a proud NeverTrump Conservative, but that is a new low for a political party.

Clinton also used false statistics to push for gun control and railed against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. She completely dodged on the Supreme Court appointment, saying that Congress should confirm President Obama’s pick.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, said everything he was suppose to say. I know his surrogates were pleased with this debate. He stayed on message, got some good jabs critical of Clinton’s political career. He also avoided any petty arguments and focused on policy and touted his success. He declared his support for the pro-life movement and his support for gun rights of American citizens.

Trump still loves to discuss his support for Russia and his lack of a foreign policy plan is so apparent, but he managed to avoid much scrutiny from Clinton by deflecting to her career failures. He managed to avoid hitting her with petty arguments. He managed to make her look petty at times and called her out on her substance as a politician.

These candidates are both so terrible. The first and second debates, even though this last one was better, shows it. Their vice presidential candidates debated their policies way better.

Clinton got the nomination through threats, lying, and cheating, and even though she skirted an federal indictment and has more scandals than Richard Nixon, she is on that stage. From being fired from the Watergate Commission, to laughing about defending a violent pedophile, to Whitewater, to pay for play, and so on.  She is so flawed and failed, any candidate, heck even one as terrible as Lindsey Graham should be leading her in the polls by five points easy.

Trump is the same. He claims to be pro-life, though as far soon as early 2010s he was saying he was “very pro-choice.” He has no evidence of a change. He has not given money to Live Action or the Susan B. Anthony List and declared in the primary stage that he liked Planned Parenthood. Same with healthcare. He said he was for a single-payer system (in other words, government run) as late as the primaries. He changed his tune when he got the nomination.

This debate has been disastrous for Conservatives. Some have abandoned the Republican Party all together as more so-called Conservative pundits and Christian leaders sell out for Donald Trump.

That is why I am supporting Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn. They both have proven records of being Conservative. Now they are leading the polls in Utah and could lead to an unprecedented victory.

That is my take on the final debate. Like and share this article. Be sure to subscribe for more political insights.

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