Top TV Characters Never Seen In Their Shows

What really brings a television show together? In my experience, it is the characters. Too few, it gets old. Too many, it gets confusing. Some TV shows have characters that you might get a glimpse of, but are never seen. Even if they are invisible to us, they still help the plot of the show move on. Here are the Top 10 TV Characters Never Seen In Their Shows.

Juanita– In The Andy Griffith Show, Deputy Barney Fife had a never seen girlfriend named Juanita who was often used as a way to make fun of his womanizing ways. During his run on the show, she was mentioned often.

Sally Reardon– From the TV show series Felicity, the main character Felicity Porter sends recordings to an old friend. She is voiced by Janeane Garofalo, but her importance slowly fades out after the first season.

Bob Sacamano– Jerry Seinfeld’s friend and neighbor Kramer had a special friend who never appeared, though he was mentioned to have had rabies. Bob was never seen or heard on Seinfeld, but was mentioned throughout the whole series.

Ugly Naked Guy– The Friends gang would often spy on their neighbor across the way before he moves out and Ross moves in. We learn through flashbacks he was once called “Handsome Naked Guy.”

Mrs. Wolowitz– From The Big Bang Theory, she was Howard’s overbearing mother who often screams, “Howard” when she wants him. When the voice actor, Carol Ann Susie died, they gave her a fond farewell.

Maris Crane– In the popular show Frasier, the main character’s younger brother Niles had an elusive wife named Maris. She was thin, coldhearted, and at one point cheated on Niles which led to lengthy divorce.

Chef– In Star Trek Enterprise the chef is mentioned almost every episode, but never seen. In the finale, William Riker from The Next Generation played chef on the holodeck while seeking inspiration.

DannyThe X-Files saw Agent Mulder and Agent Scully often called Danny for information, warrants, evaluations, documents, etc. However, he does not even have a voice over. Creator Chris Carter once said Danny was a gnome living in Mulder’s desk.

The Gibblers– From Full House, character Kimmy Gibbler’s parents are mentioned quite often throughout the entirety of the series, but are never seen. Kimmy often compared patriarch Danny to them.

Sarah– Book ending with The Andy Griffith Show seemed appropriate. Since the show took place in the 1950s, switchboards were used. Sarah was the operator who was also the source for most of Mayberry’s gossip.

That is my list. Did I miss any of your favorites? Comment below and you might see your suggestion in a future list. Share this article and be sure to subscribe for more entertainment and pop culture articles.


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