#ElectionDay 2016 – Why I Voted For the Evan McMullin – Mindy Finn Ticket

I live in California right now. I know there is a stereotype that Cali is a liberal paradise, and that is true to some extent with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, but if you go into the outlining areas, you will find good folks who have very passionate Conservative values.

I decided to cast my vote by mail early. Who did I vote for? I am proud to say that I voted for Evan McMullin for President and Mindy Finn for Vice President through write-in.

Did I throw away my vote? No, I did not. I am done giving politicians who keep letting me down power.

It boils down to these reasons.

The GOP has failed Conservatives this election cycle. Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus was a coward. He and the other GOP leaders failed Conservatives and their values.

Because of them, we have Donald Trump. He is a pro-choice, Russia loving, universal healthcare supporting, free trade hating, registered Democrat (until only a few years ago) and is now the nominee. Whenever I remind people that Clinton and Trump have been friends, they scoff and declare, “Not anymore!” Right.

There are only two reasons to really vote for Trump: 1. You don’t like, but you will hold his feet to the fire 2. You just really don’t like Clinton. Those are both good reasons to vote for him.

However, many so-called Conservatives are pretending that Trump is some kind of icon of the Right. They make disgusting comparisons to the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. That is an insult to Churchill, his family, and Conservatives in general.

The Christian Right has virtually sold out for Trump because his thirty pieces of silver is paid with overturning the Johnson Amendment. Let’s remember, the GOP has been promising to overturn that law since the Nixon Administration. They have had control of Congress so many times and have let it slide why should we believe them now.

Now some are voting for Trump for the simple sake of stopping Hillary Clinton. I do get that argument, but I honestly feel like it is weak. If his first debate performance is any indication, he will not be stopping anything. Clinton won the debate simply by default. Trump’s running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, he did win against Senator Tim Kaine in the VP debate. However, that only served to give Trump supporters buyer’s remorse.

Donald Trump is running a terrible campaign. He should be up ahead of Hillary Clinton by at least three points easy since she has so much baggage and corruption, but instead he is either behind or barely breaking even. His campaign’s incompetence is costing him and the Congressional elections big time.

If Trump had said, “Listen, I know you don’t like me, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Vote for me to stop her.” I would have listened. I would have been less hesitant, but instead, he goes on the media screaming, “It’s the Republican Party, not the Conservative party.” Way to go in alienating your base.

When asked about Donald Trump, the late great Andrew Breitbart, founder of Breitbart New said, “Of course he’s not a Conservative.” He would be spinning in his grave knowing that his brand is only a shadow of what it was.

Because of these reasons and many others that I have listed, I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump as a Conservative. He is not one. He admitted it himself. He might be a Republican, but if he is, he is a RINO: Republican In Name Only.

That is why I  my voted for independent candidate and true Conservative Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn. I believe they are a breath of fresh air in this election cycle.

Now, I have some reservations about McMullin. I disagree with him on his strategy on Syria. I have doubts about some of the vague planks on his platform. His lack of Millennial outreach has me a bit perplexed.

However, I am not seeking a perfect candidate, but one who at least shares a majority of my values. Donald Trump shares none and there is no evidence he ever will.

Before you say it, no, voting for an independent candidate is not “throwing your vote away” or “voting for the other person.” That is propaganda made up by the two parties in power in an attempt to keep their power. It is nothing but lies made up to make you feel guilty should the opposite number win.

Also, I am sick of “holding my nose” to vote. I honestly wish people would just stop saying that. I should not have to do that for any election.

Evan McMullin holds to his Conservative core principles. I applaud his stance on gun rights, pro-life matters, national security, and religious liberty. He stands up for those principles, as does his running mate.

His Vice Presidential pick is Mindy Finn. She is a Conservative feminist, who has worked as a digital strategist for President George W. Bush and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. She has worked in the private sector for companies like Twitter. She is also the founder of Empowered Women, a group to assist women in business and politics. She, like McMullin, is far from perfect, but she would make an excellent VP.

McMullin has come under the worst kind of attacks. Trump called him a nobody, others have peddled stories of him being a globalist. What’s worse, the leader of a Pro-Trump PAC implied that Mormons should become victims of genocide on Twitter. Disgusting.

Now I know McMullin has a long road ahead to victory today. I do not have delusions about his chances. He is an underdog candidate. He is polling lower than most third party candidates due to his lack of name recognition, but he has gained in the polls in the state of Utah and others in the mid-west.

He has a very slim chance, but none the less I am proud to stand by him and Finn as they take a stand for Conservatism in an election cycle where it has been forgotten and sold out.

I encourage to you to find out his ballot status in your home state and support Team McMullin on this election day.

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