#ElectionDay 2016 – What I Learned From This Election

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Donald Trump is the president. I was NeverTrump to the end and I am not ashamed of that. I voted for Evan McMullin with a clear conscience. That being said, now that he is president, I will pray for him and hold his feet to the fire with the promises he made.

This election, I have seen some of the worst nastiness come from people who want to troll you or downright attack you for not getting in line. Names are called, posts are written, but I am just going to keep on keeping on. Some chose principles over party, some did the opposite, others chose the lesser of two evils, some abstained, some voted for who was they thought was right, and so on. Who is to say someone is more of a Christian because of how you voted for? No one was wrong unless you voted for David Duke.

This campaign should be honored in the history books as National Butt Hurt Day. If you were not for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you were criticized or outright ostracized in the harshest way. Because I was harsh on Trump, I was trolled, made fun of, judged harshly, and so much more simply because I expressed a contrarian opinion. Only a handful of people wanted to debate me on the facts, most just wanted to argue because of “reasons” and none were ever given.

I am very opinionated and passionate. I am not ashamed of that fact. I wear it as a badge of honor. I welcome healthy debate, but not trolling. I had to start putting a trigger warning on my posts in the comment section warning that I would delete asinine and trolling comments.

Joking aside, I was very confused during this election cycle by the sheer nastiness from people that I was acquainted or even close friends. This is a Facebook post I made before election day:

I have seen the true nature of some of my heroes. They are choosing fame and media attention over what is right. Needless to say, I will no longer be supporting their ministries. They have not just let me down, they’ve completely turned their back on their beliefs. It is appalling.

I know that it is a harsh criticism but it is how I really felt. Notice that I did not name anyone or say that voting a certain way is wrong. I simply said that SOME Christian leaders (not all) are choosing being famous and riches instead of doing the right thing and I am appalled by it. I have a right to be appalled, a right not to support them, and a right to express that opinion, or so I thought. I have since deleted the post because I got tired of all the notifications from it.

Several people responded to this opinion with fury and nastiness. One person told me how they were “offended.” One told me that I was not wearing the “face of grace of love” and accused me of being judgmental. Some posted passive aggressive posts obviously aimed at me. It was all very hurtful as many of these posts took what I said out of context and tried to bend it to say what it did not.

Instead of picking up the phone and calling me to hear my heart, they decided to judge me (which is what I was accused of doing).

The hardest part is the part where I would be misquoted and taking out of context. I get disagreeing with me, but changing what I said, that is truly hurtful. I never said because someone was supporting a particular presidential candidate that they were fraud. I only commented on the people who were using the campaign as an opportunity for fame and fortune.

As far as “offending people,” I do not care if I offend. I really, truly do not. I cannot help what people think of what I believe. At least I hold true to my beliefs. If that offends you, that says more about you instead of me. I will not curb my beliefs or remain silent because of the spirit of offense.

One the issue of judgement, I am called to judge the fruits. When I see Christian leaders taking advantage of their influence to get book deals, TV attention, and speaking engagements, I see hypocrisy. You might say I do not know their heart, when ministers go on TV and say sin doesn’t matter, that is not a point of disagreement, that is just downright wrong. It should be called out. They are leading people astray for their own purposes. I do hope these men and women will realize their error and come home. It can happen and has happened.

Back to the point, yes God is absolutely love and there is more grace than we can ever imagine, but what about holiness and righteousness? Christians have forgotten that there is more than two fruits of the spirit.

If you want to disagree about people’s intentions, fine. We can have that discussion, but when I did not name names in the initial post, how do you know my heart?  Contact me and ask for a more in-depth explanation than I should have to give on a social media post.

I am who I am and I will not apologize for that. If you do not like a post I make, how about instead of trolling, just scroll past it or take it out of your feed. That is what I do. Trust me, it will make that butt hurt go away.

I do hope that there will be forgiveness and reconciliation for friends. We really need it right now. Now that this election is over (FINALLY) let us move forward and move on. We are always going to be surprised and even disagree with what one person thinks, says, or posts on social media. That is because we are people.

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