Why Do Bad Movies Win Awards?


I am a fan of movies. I will see all kinds of films: drama, science fiction, thriller, action, and whatever else. The only genre I will not watch because I do not enjoy is horror. That being said, I am also a contrarian movie reviewer. I give good movie reviews to films like Furious 7 and God’s Not Dead 2, and poor reviews to the critically acclaimed World War Z a poor review. Yes, I revel in my rebellious movie reviewing.

Now, we have just finished the 89th Academy Awards. I have written about how the Oscars ignored, snubbed, or simply gave a nod to some pretty amazing movies.

Not since The Artist, has a film won Best Picture that was actually, the best picture to come out that year. Prior to that, a whole lot of political picks of movies no one even cared about. Maybe a select few, but it is very rare that a movie that audiences actually paid to see (and not at some bizarre film festival) truly get a nod.

For example,how is it that Dr. Strange got zero nods? That is one Marvel movie that deserved at least Best Adapted Screenplay or Best Visual Effects at least and at the most, Benedict Cumberbatch should have at least gotten a Best Actor nomination. Same complaint about Rogue One. It should’ve gotten more than a single nomination. I guess it just shows what a bubble the Hollywood elite live in.

We all know that several movie directors have shown disdain for science fiction films, especially those adapted from manga, comic books, and other illustrated mediums. That being said, that does not mean that do not deserve an Academy Award because a few directors do not like what normal every day people enjoy.

Notice I did not answer the original question: why do bad movies win awards? I guess we’ll never know. Hollywood is too busy placating and has gone so commercial, it does not know good art from bad art anymore.

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