#amwriting- 5 Tips for Writing an Emotional Scene An Infographic by Michelle Griep

Today’s bonus article comes from blogger, writer, and novelist Michelle Griep is a friend of this blog. I interviewed her back in May 2016 and have been following her career in writing, both on her blog and her novels. She is talented and excellent writer.

Last year she released a historical novel The Captive Heart. I won a contest and as a prize, I received an autographed copy. It was a fantastic read taking place in Colonial America before the Revolutionary War. I featured it in my Best Books of 2016. It has action, well developed characters, romance, and so much more. Be sure to check it out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble also her website.

Today, check out her infograph: 5 Tips for Writing an Emotional Scene. Mrs. Griep is an excellent author and great at providing these free graphs to help out her fellow writers.


She released it through her newsletter and on her free blog Writer Off The Leash. If you are an author and writer, check it out. Also, visit her website for more cool posts and updates.

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