StudioJake On The Michael Knowles Shows- Unite The Right Not The Wrong

In this The Michael Knowles Show episode, I join fellow YouTuber Roaming Millennial and Lone Conservative Kassy Dillon on the panel of deplorables. It is fantastic writing for The Daily Wire and being part of such fun panel.

We break down the problems of the Alt-Right and how racists are overtaking their ranks. The four of us also talk about how President Barack Hussein Obama secretly colluded with Russia, promising a Kremlin stooge concessions if he won the 2012 election. For some reason, Colin Kaepernick is back in the news. His annoying left-wing supporters are trying to get him a job despite the fact that he is a mediocre athlete who is wants nothing more than to be in the news.

Watch the episode below:

Also, be sure to check out Tuesday’s episode.

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