Music Review- Hollyn: There’s A Hope (feat. Chris McClarney)

Featured on Hollyn’s newest album My Utmost For His Highest, the worship song There’s A Hope is beautifully weaved together for a passionate cry for belief that despite our circumstances, God is there for you. Produced by Goatee Records and featuring Chris McClarney, this is a great worship song to put into your intercessory prayer mix.

Written by a whole slew of talented writers, Hollyj Miller, Chris Mackey, Joseph Prielozny & Chris McClarney, this song captures something that sometimes lacks from Christian worship, that is soul. You can feel the depth of inspiration that the song dives into. It offers hope, not in man, or money, or anything else other than Jesus Christ. It is a song made up niceties and platitudes, but of genuine love of God and I think that is something worth mentioning.

It is a praise and worship song that you are not going to want to miss to have on your album. It is well-written, respectful, I think I mentioned genuine, and for me personally, I think it is very lovely. Hollyn and Chris McClarney’s sync perfectly for the song, giving it not only a redeeming sound, but a some excellent lyrical talent to wrap it up nicely.

As for the lyric video, it is simple. Just someone playing the piano as the words appear on the screen. It matches the song perfectly and does not take away from what you are listening to in the slightest.

That is my review. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Click on the link in the picture to view it. Check out my thoughts on Finding Favor’s song Mountains Must Move. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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