#ShoutoutSaturday – 25 Plus Conservatives To Follow On Twitter In 2018

Politics is always a frustrating thing. You never know who to trust to give it to you straight, whether it is the news or their opinion. That’s why I have collected these names of conservative commentators to follow on social media. They give it to you straight and even if you might disagree with them on a few points, you can always count on a right point of view. For today’s shoutout Satuday, here are 25 Conservatives To Follow On Twitter In 2018 (and maybe a few extra).

The Daily Wire– Besides Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles, my hometeam also has Elisha Krauss, Emily Zanotti, Amanda Prestigiacomo, Elliott Hamilton, Joseph Curl, and many more.

Aaron Bandler– Writer for the Jewish Journal, and overall classy guy, definitely keep a look out for him in the Twitter-sphere.

Rosemary Dewar– Mentioned on a previous list, Rosemary writes for The Rouser, Athens Now, and Red Alert Politics.

Steven Crowder– Host of Louder With Crowder and the last true late night comedian, just remember, the Leftist Tears tumbler is better than a mug.

Stefanie MacWilliams– Co-Owner for Halsey News and host of The Right Millennial on YouTube, this gal is not afraid to broach any topic.

AlfonZo Rachel– YouTuber, Martial Artist, and drummer for the rock band 20lb Sledge, don’t miss him if you get a chance.

Resa LaRu Kirkland– She’s known as the Warchick online!

Jon Miller– He is the host of The White House Brief on CRTV. He’s smart, witty, and pulls no punches.

Maggie Lit– Reporter and on-air personality for LifeZette, check out her videos on YouTube or Facebook.

Larry Elder– Also a good idea to follow the Sage of the Southwest.

Katie Pavlich– Author and political commentator, you can find her stuff on the Townhall website.

Brent Bozell– He’s the found of the Media Research Council and founder of CNS News, he holds the media accountable.

Amber Athey– Count on a whole lot of newsy stories from this Daily Caller reporter.

Grant Stinchfield– This NRATV host holds the media and Congress accountable when it comes to your gun rights.

Erielle Davidson– Follow her for a lot of sass and sharp wit.

Yehuda Remer– The author of Safety On, 10 Little Liberals, and The ABCs of Guns, check out his stuff.

Ann Hanson– She may be young, but this YouTuber will stump even the biggest left-wing egghead.

Colion Noir– Host of Noir on NRATV, he commentates on media and reviews different varieties of guns.

Natalie Foster– Check out her Girl’s Guide To Guns.

Dennis Prager– The founder of Prager University always has sage advice to share.

Julie Borowski– Follow her for sass, wit, and wisdom.

Ben McDonald– This Campus Reform contributor has all kinds of funny to share.

Rebekah Tate– Look for her on Fox News.

Kyle Thompson– He’s better known by his other name: The Iron Lewis.

Project Veritas– The brainchild of citizen journalist James O’Keefe exposes the lies of the left.

That is my list. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if there’s a conservative you’d like to see on this list. Also, check out my list of 25 Conservative Women To Follow On Twitter. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

You can find me on everywhere on social media! Facebook: Author Jacob Airey | Instagram: real.jacob.airey | Twitter: @realJacobAirey | YouTube: StudioJake

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