Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: First Light

My favorite violinist Lindsey Stirling’s newest album Brave Enough features the inspiring songs Lost GirlsForgotten City. and Mirage. She adds the song First Light to her list of epic music videos. This one is especially excellent with her unique style of composition and dancing.

The song is composed by Lindsey Stirling and musician James Wong. It features some amazing violin work along with some piano accompaniment that certainly drives the music to an intense build-up and leads to a climax that is charming, poetic, and driven. Stirling’s violin solos also display her incredible talent as a musician.

I must praise the music video as well. It is one of Stirling’s best choreographed dances. The video’s backdrop perfectly matches the musics themes and the way she combines her violin playing with her dance moves is perfection. She definitely delivers in this new song. I have commented on her talents in that area before and it is on full display in this song. While it lacks any lyrics, it is an excellent and truly well performed song.

This song is sure to be a fan favorite.

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