50 Kick-Butt Women To Follow On Twitter

InStyle Magazine recently released a list of fifty prominent women in media, politics, and social circles. It has a plethora of well-known (and some not-so well-known) women. There was one glaring omission on that list. They had zero women who consider themselves Conservative, Libertarian, or even center-right. It was a who’s who of Far Left players like former First Lady Michelle Obama and MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow.

Since we cannot count on the mainstream media to play it fair, I decided to remedy that issue by compiling a list of strong women who stand up for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Here is my list of 50 Kick-Butt Women To Follow On Twitter:

Elisha Krauss – Daily Wire team member and co-host of the Lady Brains podcast, she has stood up for wholesome family values and even recently discussed growing up as a home-schooled kid. You don’t hear that in the mainstream media.

DC McAllister – Co-author of the bestselling book Spygate, McAllister has written extensively on gender topics, battling the political correctness that is trying to permeate into social issues. She is bold and takes malarkey from no one, not even male feminists.

Kassy Dillon – She may be wrong about nerds, but her writings on feminism, socialism, and other hot topics have appeared everywhere in the Daily Wire, The Hill, and the Wall Street Journal. She founded Lone Conservative, a resource for students who feel alone in their Right-leaning views at school.

Ashe Schow – She is a Senior Editor for the Daily Wire and a writer who covers (among other things) the political correctness that is infecting college campuses.

Morgan Murtaugh – She defies the Left’s perception of a modern woman. She is a Millennial who stands up to the norm and challenges the status quo in politics. Her commentary and political activism have shaken things up in the blue state of California.

Emily Zanotti – Senior Editor at the Daily Wire and co-host of the Lady Brains podcast, she describes herself as a history buff, writer, crafter, politico, and nerd who covers hot topics where few commentators and journalists dare to tread.

Dana Loesch – NRATV host, radio personality, and gun rights advocate, Dana is fearless in the face of criticism and has taking on the media, Hollywood, and haters in her typical no-nonsense style.

Amanda Prestigiacomo – When there is a story that needs to heard, but the media ignores, I guarantee you that Amanda has covered it on the Daily Wire. Her articles have touched on academia, politics, religion, and even sports. You will find few so versatile.

Kaya Jones – One of the few in the entertainment who challenges the Left, her boldness is felt not only in her songs, but also in her faith. Her fearless attitude may not win her points in the mainstream, but that has never stopped her from shouting her values from the top. She is also a talented singer.

Marsha Blackburn – She is the first woman elected senator in Tennessee (since 2018), but you will not find her on any ‘top women in America’ lists made by the Left. Her membership into the Republican Party and Pro-Life politics make her a noted opponent to the Swamp.

Kristy Swanson – This actress does not play with the Limousine Liberals coming out of Hollywood. She speaks truth to power in an industry where groupthink is demanded, but that has never stopped her from voicing her opinions.

Allie Stuckey – Host of the podcast, “Relatable,” she debunks the Left’s radical revisions on morality, gender, and just plain common sense. Her parody videos have gotten derision from the haters, but applause from pretty much everyone else.

Lauren Chen – Also known as the Roaming Millennial, her YouTube videos and commentary over at Evie Magazine have brought a much needed voice of reason to the political discourse in this nation.

Joy Villa – This #1 Billboard music artist came out in support of President Donald Trump in a very public manner and has never looked back. She has stood up against the Deep State and for Pro-Life causes with a boldness few see in Hollywood.

Martina Markota – She is a RebelTV host and an artist speaking truth to power with her creativity and holds nothing back when battling the Left’s assault on the arts.

Celine Diane Ryan – This Campus Reform senior correspondent covers the insanity of California academia (and beyond) with a certain wit and wisdom.

Sara Gonzales – Host and producer of ‘The News and Why It Matters’ on theBlaze, Sara asks all the right questions and brings some missing logic to the news of the world.

Danielle D’Souza Gill – She is a free speech advocate and rising star whose videos are gaining steam on the web.

Bree A. Dail – She is a strong Pro-Life advocate, contributor to LifeSiteNews, a podcast co-host, and a veteran. With a resume like that, what is not to like? She is not afraid of the Left’s attacks and never bats an eye against their smears.

Jenna Ellis – Director of the Dobson Policy Institute, she is on the case, covering on the Supreme Court, Congress, and legislation that affects the American public. Her charm and thorough analysis provides a calm demeanor in the chaotic storm of the swamp.

Rosemary Dewar – My friend and fellow writer, she is a contributor to Athens Now who covers culture, social issues, and religious freedom, all with Millennials in mind.

Nikki Haley – The former UN ambassador does not take any nonsense from the Far Left trying to disarm America or the radical dictators who are determined to undermine the nation of Israel’s sovereignty. She will be missed.

Carrie Sheffield – She is the founder of BOLDTV and National Editor for Accuracy In Media, Carrie has put a whole new spin on new media, providing a driven take on political commentary.

CS Johnson – My friend and fellow author, she writes must read fiction for both adults and teens that are a break from the drivel being pushed by the Far Left.

Megan Harris – She is a YouTuber, Second Amendment advocate, and a bold supporter of the BLEXIT movement.

Amanda Head – Actress and Host of The Hollywood Conservative on TheRebelTV, she has no problem calling out Hollywood for its hypocrisy and sometimes insanity.

Hilary Kennedy – The always stylish Emmy Award winning host, contemporary blogger, and UFC enthusiast always brings a smile to her commentary.

Katie Yoder – You can find her on Fox, National Review, and the Washington Post, she is an excellent commentator who speaks boldly about several topics most Conservatives would shy away from.

Dr. Nan Hayworth – She is a proud member of the Independent Women’s Forum and a voice of reason in the tidal wave of politics.

Liz Wheeler – Host of OANN’s Tipping Point, she is a sharp, intelligent, and bold voice in commentary who always calls out the Left’s foolishness with a ‘Final Point.’

Michelle Malkin – She does not shy away from calling out corruption in the DC Swamp or anywhere. She has been an advocate of falsely accused law enforcement officers and calls out the “corruptocrats” in government.

Brittany Hughes – She is always ready to give a ‘Reality Check’ to America with her hard-hitting videos calling out the Left’s malarkey.

Faith Moore – The Disney Princess Addict and author has stood up against the Far Left Feminist’s attempt to takeover the Disney Princess stories.

Brigitte Gabriel – She is a survivor of terrorism who is not afraid to stand up to the Left’s political attacks. Her organization calls out the political correctness and challenges people to see the very real threat of religious extremism.

Beni Johnson – This author, speaker, pastor is bold in her Christian faith.

Mia Rhode – Blogger and a member of Board of Directors MN Rifle & Revolver Association, she is a bold First and Second Amendment advocate.

Kimberly Corban – A mother, wife, survivor, advocate, motivational speaker, and podcast host, she stands up for victims of sexual assault and for their Second Amendment rights.

Dana Perino – Host of The Daily Briefing w/ Dana Perino and co-host The Five, Dana delivers her commentary with certainty and intelligence, giving the news straight to America.

Alveda King – She is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who does not let the Left still her uncle’s legacy of freedom.

Lila Rose – Founder and President of Live Action, she is pulling all the stops on trying to prevent the abortion lobby from winning in the battle for life.

Antonia Okafor – A Second Amendment Advocate and CEO of Empowered 2A who always reminds us that gun rights are women’s rights.

Corinne Weaver – A writer at Media Research Center and their Newsbusters website, she challenges the norm and goes against the grain on hot button issues.

Nicole Russell – Her works appear in the Federalist and the Washington Examiner, covering a wide variety of topics all with a focus on current event. Her sharp wit and uncanny ability to find the weakness in political correctness is impressive.

Jennifer Bukowsky – She is a constitutional and award-winning criminal defense attorney with a love for liberty. She is a frequent commentator on several issues and always stands on the side of freedom.

Inez Stepman – She is a TEA Party Constitutionalist who also has fine tastes when it comes to the Western film genre. Her opinions may be unpopular to the Left, but she is bold none-the-less.

Carly Fiorina – A former presidential contender and successful businesswoman, she hosts the new podcast “By Example” where she discusses leadership and the many facets it takes on.

Brittany Martinez – She is the Editor-in-Chief of Evie Magazine, a new resource for women, young and old, who are tired of the gossipy trash at the supermarket. Now you can find pieces about masculinity, femininity, and relationships without the politically correct spin.

Catherine Hadro – She is the host of Pro-Life Weekly on EWTN where she speaks out about life and giving the unborn the chance to survive.

Stacy Washington – This nationally syndicated radio host and USAF veteran is not afraid to challenge the stereotypes that the Far Left push on women of color. She speaks boldly, intelligently, and has even been censored for her speech. That has not stopped her.

Elisa Steele – She is a blogger, podcast host, and social media guru who you know as the purveyor of Conservative Babes. She uses social media to reach a wide audience of young people for American values.

These are the real women who speak truth to power. Whether in politics, entertainment, or the media, these fine ladies lead in bringing about topics of liberty, justice, life, and freedom.

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