Face It, Comic Book Fans. The Oscars Snubbed You.

While Black Panther won several technical awards and Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse won Best Animation, there was a series problem with the Academy Awards this year. Avengers: Infinity War, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and several comic book movies did get a massive middle finger at the Oscars.

I liked Black Panther, but did it really deserve Best Picture? Nope. Avengers: Infinity War should have been Best Picture (unless A Quiet Place was in there.) While SpiderVerse did deserve Best Animation, it should have competed against Teen Titans Go. Just imagine, the Academy Awards would have made bank with the DC vs. Marvel marketing scheme alone. Now let’s be clear, Black Panther deserved to win out the choices of this year. It was a better story, better directing, and had wide appeal for the first time ever.

Ant-Man And The Wasp deserved an award for its humor and the special effects. It did not even get a single nomination. That’s not to say every film needs to be nominated. Aquaman, for instance, is just a fun film. No need to see it at the Oscars except for gag.

This is a truth that comic book fans, nerds, and geeks are going to have to learn. Hollywood is never going to love you. No matter how many hypocritical directors like Zack Snyder or Steven Spielberg say they will never make a superhero film and then go on to make a bad one (Snyder) or eat crow and sign onto one (Spielberg), Hollywood will never get this. Think about the snubs of Iron Man, The Dark Knight, or even Marvel’s The Avengers received. Each one of these films deserved Best Picture, but they will always be remembered as the “ones that got away.”

We’re seeing this now with Captain Marvel. Actress and star of the movie Brie Larson is doing her best to grandstand and virtue signal that she hates the primary audience of her film. Even as interest dwindles in her film because of this, she still refuses to back down.

It is time for us who enjoy these kinds of movies to move on from Hollywood. It is steeped in elitism, artistic snobbery, and wokeness to the point of breaking. Hurting them at their wallets is not working. Venom outperformed A Star Is Born, but the latter got the Best Picture nod (no, Venom didn’t deserve it), just making an observation.

Here is what I am suggesting: we need to start creating our award systems. Even if it is just writing on a blog, YouTube livestream, or posting elsewhere. We list our own favorite films, why, and even get our audiences involved. It will take time, but I think if we create competition, it could change at the best, and at the very least, we will have some fun.

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