Movie Review- Close

Close is an action thriller directed by Vicky Jewson that proves Netflix can release an original that really stands out.

Sam Carlson (Noomi Rapace) is a veteran and security expert and one of the best. Her next assignment is a troubled heir name Zoe Tanner (Sophie Nélisse), who inherited a big portion of her father’s company much to her step-mother (Indira Varma)’s chagrin. Sam escorts Zoe to Morocco where their company is bidding for land. However, their house is invaded by kidnappers. After a daring escape, Sam and Zoe go into hiding after finding out that someone inside her father’s company wants the young heiress dead.

While most of the acting is decent for an action flick, Rapace is superb. While a lot of action stars have to almost defy gravity to leave an impression, Rapace’s performance is excellent. Her character does perform some impressive feats, but they all stay in the realm of possibility.

Jewson does an excellent job of crafting this story. It carries a certain weight and depth to it. The one issue is the relationship between Rapace and Nélisse’s character’s relationship. It goes from icy to warm and back again before it finally levels off.

This movie is rare among a lot of Netflix originals. It has a lot of depth and instead of relying on flashy effects, it has a realism to the action that it produces. No flying fips or dazzling twists, just brutal, honest action.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You’re good company.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Brutal violence, strong foul language

Check out the trailer below:

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