Documentary Review- Behind The Curve (2018)

We all have that one friend who has that weird belief. Behind The Curve explores one of the most unique and bizarre groups in our society, flat earthers. Directed by Daniel J. Clark, he meets and talks to real flat earthers. From the nut-jobs to the weirdos, and even to the strangely normal people who hold this belief. We get an insider’s look into this, ahem, world.

The documentary focuses on the so-called “king” of flat earthers Mark K. Sargent, podcaster Patricia Steere, and a few others who believe that the earth is not, in fact, a globe, but a flat rock that is encased in a dome. You do learn that there are some diverging opinions about the flatness of the earth. What is most strange is how normal some of the folks appear. While the tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory loving oddballs are shown, most of them are just normal people who think the educators and mainstream scientists are hiding data from them.

As you watch and hear everyone’s opinion and conspiracy theories, it becomes abundantly clear that what they are seeking is not acceptance by the scientific community, but a group of people whom they can talk to without being judged.

Interlaced with interviews from actual scientists, physicists, mental health professionals, who know a thing or two, the movie does not endorse their beliefs, in fact, it goes out of its way to debunk their claims (there are even two scenes where the flat earthers debunk themselves). With that in mind, it definitely helps you to understand their way of thinking. It was an interesting trip down the rabbit hole and while I still see flat earth as completely devoid of logic, I did get the sense that these are outsiders who just want to enjoy their life with likeminded people.

Bottom line, you start off laughing at the flat earth group and while you never agree with their way of thinking, you start to have a little bit of empathy toward their “underdog” status. It is a great conversation starter and might help you flesh this theory out in your own right.

Check out the trailer below:

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