Comic Book Review- Batman: Last Knight On Earth Book One

The team that brought you the Zero Year New 52 origin of Batman, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for the DC Comics Black Label three-part miniseries Batman: Last Knight On Earth.

Bruce Wayne awakens in a strange asylum reminiscent of Arkham Asylum. His beloved butler Alfred Pennyworth tells him that the memories he has of being Batman are just an illusion. Bruce does not believe him and breaks out. Alfred tells him the truth, Arkham is now an underground safe haven after a doomsday event. Batman crawls to the surface and finds the head of the Joker is used as a lamp. Batman is attacked by mindless humans wielding lost Green Lantern rings with Mogo. He is saved by Wonder Woman who tells Bruce he is a clone. The original Batman died by a human populace controlled by a mysterious being called Omega, who has taken the Anti-Life Equation. Omega now controls the world and humanity is barely surviving. The desperate heroes have only two options, fight or flee.

While it was good to see the duo who brought us such great story-arcs as Zero Year and the Court of Owls, I have to admit, this new story is underwhelming. While the artwork is good, per usual for Capullo, and the journey to leave Arkham Asylum is interesting, I did find the world-building problematic. The plot had several glaring holes that make you shrug.

I know that in this age where inclusion is more important than good writing, where are all of the men in the Justice League? The only two named deaths are Batman and Green Arrow. While others are mentioned to have fallen, why all of the men, but Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Vixen, and a few other female Leaguers survive? Where’s the Flash, Black Lightning, Simon Baz, Cyborg, Hal Jordan, Firestorm, and the others?

Also, though Mogo is responsible for sending out Green Lantern rings, I find it hard to believe that the Guardians would just let human zombies have them. Even if they feared this new villain Omega’s powers with the Anti-Life Equation, they have been shown in other comic books to have the ability to recall the rings to Oa. I know I’m knit-picking, but still, it is hard to argue with dozens of years of canon.

I expected more from the Black Label, of course, that same one brought us the atrocious Batman: White Knight. Perhaps once book two comes around, it will get moving, but honestly, it is not off to a great start.

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