Conservative Comedy Is Winning Bigly With Audiences

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter was forced to admit something. Comedians who lean to the Right side of political aisle are winning over audiences in a huge way.

The entertainment industry magazine, “As TV’s late-night hosts take aim at the president nightly, right-leaning comics are finding big audiences for live shows, advertising themselves to MAGA audiences with a conservative point of view.”

THR specifically highlights a group of comedians who take on the moniker of “The Deplorables,” a phrase coined the failed Democrat Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

They continue, “Fortunately for the booming business of pro-Trump comedy, The Deplorables are not alone. There always have been plenty of popular, right-leaning comedians across the U.S., including Tim Allen, Dennis Miller and Jeff Foxworthy. But in the Trump era, some are advertising their politics in advance in order to woo like-minded audiences to their shows.”

This should not come as a surprise. While Liberal comedians like Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien are finding an audience, it stands to reason that supporters of the Trump Administration would find comedians to enjoy as well. It stands to reason that a market for Conservative or even just neutral stand-up would find a crowd that would laugh until their funny-bones split.

The market is wide open for Conservatives. While late-night is dominated by hosts who join in the groupthink of their Liberal ideology, talented performers who lean Right have an opening and it looks like several are taking advantage of it and making bank.

As Newsbusters points out, “Since the group’s debut, the conservative troupe has been on a roll. In between appearances on Fox News, the comedians perform to consistently sold out crowds. Though some venues have banned the troupe, the comedy routines have been met with uproarious support by formerly alienated conservatives.”

It is a golden opportunity and one that The Deplorables along with several others are taking advantage of for the laughs.

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